Shop our Male Dress Forms for Sale

Shop our Male Dress Forms for Sale

As you may know, Gold Star Tool has a wide variety of sewing supplies you may need for your designs. More specifically, our male dress forms have been fast sellers on our website, and we are here to tell you why. Male dress forms for sale are made to make your life much easier while you are sewing and designing, whether it is for your business or just a hobby.

FAQS of the Male Dress Form

Most clothing stores contain both male and female apparel and accessories. With that being said, fashion designers will need both a female and male form in order to make proper fitted clothes for each gender. Or, if you are making male clothing for a loved one or just as a hobby, dress forms are much needed to make your sewing hours easier and stress-free. Below, we will answer some frequently asked questions that some of our customers ask us, to better help you make a decision.

Question 1: What are your dress forms made out of? Each of our body forms are made differently, but they are covered with linen, loop nylon, fabric, etc. They have metal bases and thick layers of fabric so that your clothes and pieces do not slip off and hold while you are in the process of creation.

Question 2: What is the difference between dress forms and mannequins? Most mannequins are made of plastic, while our dress forms are made of fabrics. Mannequins are good to have as display in your clothing store to show off your latest designs, or even to display your jewelry/accessories. A dress form will hold your designs in place while you are in the process of creating them, so they do not slip off. You can even use these forms in a clothing store and not have to worry about clothes falling off of them.

Question 3: Can you use pins on the dress forms? Absolutely! Our dress forms are pinnable and easy to use. Our mens dress forms are covered with 100% linen, so it can handle as many pins as you wish!

Question 4: How do I know which size dress form I need? We have charts on our website that give you exact measurements of each part of the dress forms from neck, waist, abdomen, shoulders, and more. Here is an example of one of our dress form charts:

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