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Singer 191D-30 & New-Tech EA1-2 Sewing Machines

Singer sewing machines and New-tech machines are a very popular and reliable brand of machinery that many people use in the world of fashion. These machines are and have been used by designers and seamstresses to create their perfect. GoldStar Tool has two reliable machines in this brand that we will go over in this post. If you are looking to buy singer machine, our post can help you figure out which may be best for you.


Comparing Both Sewing Machines


Let’s start with the Singer 191D-30 straight stitch industrial sewing machine. The versatile designs on this machine make it a perfect match for different types of jobs: designers, home decorators, industrial sewers, tailors, dressmakers, etc. Whatever industry you are in, this machine would work great for any of your designs, heavy-duty or light. The Singer 191D-30 offers an essential straight stitch feature. Here are some more features on the 191D-30:

  • Heavy-duty motor: This machine offers EXTRA power (up to ½ horsepower)
  • Extra high sewing speed: This machine sews at 4,000 stitches per minute! Meaning, this machine can finish a project almost six times faster than a regular sewing machine
  • Reverse levers: The machine’s reverse lever is used to reinforce the ends of seams, ensure quality stitches, avoid unraveling, and provides stronger stitching!
  • Adjustable stitch length: The adjustable stitch length keeps your seams strong, and helps prevent any bunching on fabrics from happening, which is common.
  • Works with medium to heavy fabrics: Feel free to sew medium weight upholstery AND layers of thick denim.
  • Price: $699.99
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The New-Tech EA-1-2 over-edge single needle industrial sewing machine is next. This machine comes equipped with a sewing table AND servo motor, which can make your projects easier to work with. This machine comes with a single thread blanket edge which is the same as the overlock but has only one thread. The New-Tech model is mainly used to work with fleece materials and many heavier fabric materials (perfect for blankets).

  • Quiet servo motor: The super quiet motor makes it easier for you to use this machine anywhere- at home, your office, etc. without disturbing anyone around you. This is also great for stay at home parents who can work while their children play or sleep.
  • Comes complete with: variable speed, table top, legs, lamp, spool stand, and drawer.
  • The number of stitches: The number of stitches is changeable by moving the one-touch lever on the frame top and edge guide simultaneously.
  • Works with many threads: Wool, yarn, fleece, etc.
  • This machine is suitable for: Making sweaters, dress slacks, overcoats, robes, socks, cushions, and more.
  • Price: $999.99
  • Click here to purchase the New-Tech machine

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