Kids Craft Series: Stuffed Animal Sleeping Bag

Kids Craft Series: Stuffed Animal Sleeping Bag

When the kids are out of school and missing playdates, it can be challenging to keep them entertained. A living room camp-out is a great way to beat boredom. 

Have your little one grab their favorite stuffed friend and surprise them with a sleeping bag so they can have a sleepover for two! Better yet, use this time to show your child how to use a sewing machine.

What You’ll Need:

You’ll need 1/2 a yard of any print or solid color fleece. The prints are fun to match to the stuffed animal giving them a little more flair, but you can always shop through the sale bin for great finds too! The 1/2 yard is perfect for most standard-sized stuffed animals (usually about 12 to 15-inches).

Then you need a bit of Polyfil, 1/2 yard of elastic (1/2-inch wide), sewing machine, thread, and 12-inches of sew-on hook & loop


  • Cut your fabric into these pieces:
    • Pillow piece – 7”x15”
    • Top – 17.5”x15”
    • Bottom – 23”x15”
  • Grab your pillow piece and give it a 1/2-inch hem on one 15-inch side. Then give your top piece a 1-inch hem along one of the 15-inch sides. Afterward, feed a 13-inch strip of elastic, after the elastic is through then sew it down into place. 
  • Take your bottom piece (right side up) and layer your pillow piece and top piece over it with the right sides together. You’ll want to clip the remainder of the elastic in half, then fold it to create two loops within the fabric sandwich. 
  • Pin it, and sew across the bottom, up one side over the pillow, and then to where the pillow stops. On the other side, stitch in the hook & loop and turn your project. Finally, to complete it stuff the pillow and sew it closed! 

GoldStar Tools sells sewing machine brands for all skill-levels.

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