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Techniques That Every Beginner Should Know

Adding to your creative skill set by taking up sewing is a great choice. That said, many beginners like the idea of simply having a sewing machine handy so they can quickly pick up the hobby and be on their way. 

While a sewing machine is undeniably helpful for many sewing projects, it’s not the end-all for beginners. As important as it is to know how to use a sewing machine when you’re starting out, it’s just as vital to master a few hand-sewing techniques that will elevate the creative possibilities, too!

Just like sewing machine settings, hand-sewing techniques are versatile and cater to different project types. In some cases, you might even find that hand-sewing offers up results that are more aligned with your creative vision. The following techniques are suitable for beginners to have in their wheelhouse of options.

Threading a Needle

It sounds basic but threading a needle can be tricky for beginners and is always one of the first techniques to master. Cutting the thread with sharp scissors is step one, guaranteeing a smoother end that’s easier to manage through the eye of the needle.

Consider placing the needle and thread on a white background for enhanced visibility. If threading becomes too frustrating, try using a needle threader instead. Don’t worry. It’s not considered cheating—it’s clever sewing!

Sewing on Shank Buttons

While sewing is a creative activity, it’s also one that proves extremely useful when it comes to simple fixes like re-attaching a button or two. Learning how to sew on buttons is a quick and easy way to keep a wardrobe looking great. 

If you’re replacing a shank button, you will need to place several anchoring stitches before attaching the button. Approximately six stitches through the button’s shank should keep it firmly in place before tying off the thread.

Creating a Blanket Stitch 

Beginners are often excited to begin creating projects they can give as gifts or use around the house. Blankets tend to top that list.

Learning to create a blanket stitch from the start is an excellent way to add a customized and creative touch to every blanket you produce. Blanket stitches trim the edge of blankets and give beginners a chance to mix and match thread types, colors, and fabric consistencies. 

As you practice adjusting stitch spacing, you’ll be getting an idea of the styles you love. You’ll simultaneously be perfecting your hand sewing technique, which will serve you well into the future.

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