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The Best Grommet Tools and Kits for Heavy-Duty Materials

Grommets are a tried and true method of adding strength to materials that might otherwise rip, tear, or stretch. If, for example, you want to ensure a drawstring won’t saw away at the fabric around it, you can use grommets for the drawstring’s openings.

While the grommet originated in women’s corsets, their practicality and usefulness meant they spread to various products, such as tarps, curtains, flags, belts, and more.

If you enjoy making your own clothes or want to be able to repair them whenever you like, you will have to deal with grommets sooner or later.

There’s a whole gamut of grommet sizes, from just a few millimeters wide for a #00000 grommet to a full three inches for a #15 grommet. You'll need heavy-duty tools to match to set a grommet properly, especially in heavy materials such as leather.

This list will start with the most approachable tools and end with professional-grade tools for people who want to set high volumes of grommets in the toughest materials.

1. Professional Eyelet Grommet Setting Tool Kit

Goldstar’s grommet setting tool kit has exactly what you need to start setting grommets. Specifically, it consists of a set of pliers and 100 eyelets. The plier is constructed from drop-forged steel for long-term strength and durability, but the handles are plastic coated for comfort. With this tool, you can install a grommet single-handedly!

2. Anvil/Handsetter for Grommets

Let’s say you only need to drive a few grommets rather than hundreds. The stainless steel handsetter and anvil combo is an inexpensive option perfect for occasional use. That doesn’t mean it is sturdy or built to last, though! It will handle blow after blow from a mallet just fine.

3. Hammer Hole Punch for Grommets

Setting a hole in your material requires a precision tool. A hammer hole punch will serve you well if you want one that’s durable but doesn’t need to install hundreds of grommets per day.

Just place your material on something sturdy when you punch! These come in many sizes, so pick the ones you need for the grommets you plan on installing.

4. Heavy-Duty Press for Grommets

If you want to step up your game and install larger grommets in thicker, heavier material, the heavy-duty press for grommets is what you’re looking for. It can handle high volumes of material, never missing a step. This press is made of heavy-duty cast iron and will last years of consistent use.

You can also use the press to install snaps, button covers, and rivets. It will also punch neat, clean holes!

5. Foot Press for Grommets

An industrial-grade foot press machine is designed to handle commercial use. Users simply use the foot-operated lever for a hands-free setting, and the die position can be set for fabric of almost any thickness. The foot press can use multiple die sizes for varied applications.

While this option might seem overkill for home use, it will save you time and provide consistent grommet installation far beyond less expensive tools.

Should you need to increase your productivity, you can get a two-foot press! With presses on either side, two people can work on grommet installation and take up far less space than two separate machines would.

6. Servo Press for Grommets

The servo press is the machine for completely automatic, motorized grommet installation! This electrically operated unit uses a foot pedal for quick, simple hands-free pressing. You can get up to 30 punches every minute!

The servo press is safe as well since it only punches once the dies are closed, meaning you can’t accidentally punch a finger. It even automatically adjusts to the thickness of your fabric!

Find the Grommet Tools You Need at Goldstar Tool

Whether you’re new at crafting garments and want to start with quality tools, or an experienced craftsperson looking for better tools, Goldstar Tool has what you need! We carry tools for every level, from casual to professional. If you need help making a selection or want to ask questions about our products, contact Goldstar Tool today!