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The Best Sewing Hacks Every Beginner Should Know

Learning to sew is an exciting time. The thought of all of that creativity coming to life under the sewing machine is thrilling!

Much like starting out in any new activity, sewing beginners will find that there are some inevitable initial hurdles to conquer. While some challenges may be unexpected, most can be avoided by simply taking some time to learn a few simple hacks before firing up the sewing machine.

Master the Straight Line with Washi Tape on Your Sewing Machine

Amateurs may not realize just how tricky sewing a straight line can be. However, anyone who has been sewing for some time knows that it's a true challenge.

Skip the frustration and hassle of trying in vain to get the fabric aligned by hand. Instead, stick Washi tape right on your sewing machine so you can more easily line up fabric as you go.

The Secret to Sewing the Perfect Pleat is a Fork

People who love to sew have long searched for the best solution to keeping pleats even, aligned, and looking great. Who knew the answer was in the silverware drawer all along?

Placing a forkhead directly on the sewing machine and stitching along either side guarantees that every pleat will come out identical. It also gives you enhanced control over the process, which reduces wasted fabric.

Save Your Feet from Fallen Sewing Pins with a Magnet

Including a pin cushion in your sewing kit is pretty standard, even for beginners. What’s less likely to cross your mind when you first start sewing are those pesky sewing pins that accidentally fall on the floor and make for a painful potential hazard.

There’s really nothing worse than stepping on a fallen, unseen pin. Avoid the pain entirely by investing in a pin magnet that you can run over the floor after your work is done.

Simply swiping the floor a few times with this accessory will guarantee that all of those pins are safely up and away. Your feet will thank you.

Grab a Can of Hairspray When You’re Threading the Needle

The excitement of starting your first sewing project can easily wane when you realize just how tricky threading a needle can actually be. Fortunately, there’s a trick to simplifying this, as well.

Give the end of the thread a quick spritz of hairspray to make it easier to manage. This keeps the thread firm and in place while simultaneously allowing it to glide through the eye of the needle seamlessly.

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