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The Importance of Having the Right Grommet Tools

You can’t hammer in a screw, or at least you shouldn’t try. The point is that your tools matter and grommets serve a very special purpose when it comes to crafting and creating. The wrong tools produce undesirable and sometimes catastrophic results. The relationship between the grommet and the grommet tool is inarguably extremely sensitive. 

If you have noticed split coils, collapsed barrels, or tearing in the fabric around the grommet, the problem is most likely the grommet tool. The troubleshooting process with grommet problems almost always tracks back to the tool and rarely finds fault with the grommet so long as the crafter is using the right grommet size. 

Choosing the Right Tool 

Initially, it seems that finding the right grommet focuses mostly on how the tool feels in your hand. That is a critical element, but you also want to ensure that you have a tool that is compatible with the grommets you’re using. 

Ultimately it’s best to have a tool or kit which comes with a different die. There are manual options as well where you use a punch and then a grommet tool separately. The best tools combine the two together by using a punch and grommet fastener. Ensure that your grommet punch or tool can work well with both one-piece and two-piece grommets. 

Finally, the dimensional element is of primary importance. For example, a tool meant for a #2 rim and spur grommet will not appropriately fit a #2 barrel grommet. The two look extraordinarily similar, but the longer barrel on the barrel grommet won’t come out the way you’re hoping for if the tool was meant for a shorter barrel. 

The best thing you can do is have a complete grommet tool kit or know that you’re going to stick with one specific type of grommet and purchase a tool for that particular size and type of grommet. Many tools claim to work on the majority of sizes and types of grommets. That is not possible, and it may be why you’re having trouble with your grommets. 

Choosing the Right Type of Grommet 

When it comes to material and an introductory view into grommets, you can read up on another blog post of ours. However, for the more advanced crafter, there is an excellent variety of grommets past the materials. 

Grommets can come as:

  • Plain grommets - Standard model that works best on most light fabrics and pairs with a plain, tooth, or neck washer. 
  • Rolled rim grommets - Used for some heavy-duty projects and medium-weight material. The rolled lip is meant to pair with spur washers. 
  • Self-piercing grommets - Says it all in the name, meant for easy self-piercing without a tool. 
  • Barrel grommets - A grommet with a large or long barrel that pairs best with neck washers. 

While washer types include:

  • Plain washers - Meant to pair with plain grommets, simple washers. 
  • Tooth washers - Hold to the fabric in place better, necessary for heavy-duty projects. 
  • Spur washer - Similar to tooth washers, these use teeth to secure the fabric. 
  • Neck washers - Uses a longer flange meant to reinforce barrel grommets used on thicker fabrics. 

Important Note on Grommet Size 

Grommets come in different sizes, which are marked by different hole sizes. It’s very confusing at first, and many patterns will acknowledge one size but not the other. Ensure that you know which grommet size is right for the part of the tool or attachment you’re using, not just that it’s the right size for the project. 

The setting process is typically the moment where things go wrong. It doesn’t just spell mild inconvenience for your project but also a disaster for your tool. Using the wrong size or type of grommet with your grommet tool can lead to the tool wearing down quickly and producing less reliable results. Some additional time behind the sewing machine can’t repair fabric or fix a project ruined with a lousy grommet punch. 

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Grommets can seem tricky, but with our guides, we hope that you too can master them. If you have any questions about any products or need help purchasing, please contact us.