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The Importance of Pressing When Sewing

Although it seems fast to just push some fabric through the machine, ironing, specifically pressing, is vital for quality projects. Your creations simply can't achieve that polished look without pressing. Without it, they'll always have a hint of amateur, even if you have decades of sewing experience. 

Now, the majority of people don't like ironing. It's fair enough to admit it openly. It doesn't matter if you hate ironing, or if it is only a minor irritation, you can accept ironing as the less-than-fun part of creating truly beautiful projects. 

Is Pressing Actually Important?

Yes, yes, yes. There are many solid reasons to iron throughout your project, but we're going to focus specifically on pressing this time. For a quick run-through, pressing is placing the iron down on the material and lifting it rather than sliding it across the fabric. Because you're not pushing the iron around, you're going to get one very crisp crease. 

When pressing, you get that polished look with seams that lay flat, like store-bought clothing. It also gives you an accurate cut when your seams and creases are carefully pressed. Pressing seams is extremely important before you sew another seam that is going to cross it. Lastly, pressing creates killer darts and a beautiful “memory” in your fabric. It will retain its shape even if you wash it or add more material to it.

Pressing can seem like a pain, but it really creates the magic of a finished garment.

Pressing Details

Let's get into the details. You can get a great iron on a budget, and even cheap irons last for years at a time. Now, if you're looking to go commercial or pump out project after project, you might invest in a heat press. 

There are also tons of materials or add-on tools for pressing that is great if you love having all the extras. For example, you can get a Tailor's Ham, thermal finger guards, pressing cloth, or even just a spray bottle. 

If you dampen the material before you press, it creates a more reliable or immovable crease, and the spray bottle works better than the steam function on most irons. Finally, be sure not to press over pins. Doing so can melt the plastic head or damage the fabric by overheating the metal pin. 

It is critical to press if you want a truly professional finish on any project, including quilts, garments, etc. Keep in mind that a heat press or ironing accessories can be helpful and make ironing a less arduous task. 

You can go big, or you can go small, depending on if you are an industrial sewer, or if you are just sewing for fun at home, GoldStar Tool has it all. There are different tables, irons, shoes to put on the irons, ironing boards, and more on GoldStarTool.com. And if you have any remaining questions about which iron product would be best for you, contact our customer service representatives. We look forward to working with you!