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The Industrial Coverstitch Sewing Machines

Gold Star Tool has a wide selection of industrial coverstitch sewing machines available for our clients!. These machines are full of simplicity, yet they are so classic and efficient. Depending on which type of machine you select, the Coverstitch can come with a single needle, double, or a three needle count. If you are interested in purchasing a Coverstitch machine for sale, continue reading to find out more benefits.

Benefits of a Coverstitch Machine

Coverstitch machines make the perfect hemed stitch, which makes them completely versatile. This machine is excellent for clothing such as sweatshirts, gym workout gear, fleece, stretchy fabric, and more. These machines offer a special kind of stitch that you can notice on many of the garments we just stated. Other machines may not be able to do this exact type of stitching. They are also great for when you need to hem clothing items, or have a tailoring business!

Many of our clients have told us over the years that Coverstitch machines work quickly, efficiently, and are stress/hassle free. The most efficient one would use three needles, because it offers more strength than if you were to use one or two needles. Not to mention, the more needles you use, the more stretch it can provide for your fabric.