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The Top 5 Must-Have Sewing Machine Needles for Every Sewist

Whether you’re a new sewist or have years of experience with your machine, the quality and type of your sewing machine needles should always be a major priority. It’s important to use needles built of solid and high-quality materials that won’t break during sewing.

Additionally, depending on the type of fabric you’re working with and the design of your project, some needles will work better than others for a successful finished product.

Are you seeking guidance on the best sewing machine needles to use? While some needles are designed for specific materials and features, others can be used in various settings and are reliable for many projects.

When it comes to sewing machine needles, every sewist should have a few that they can switch between depending on their needs. Here are the top 5 sewing machine needles every sewist should have in their sewing kit.

1. Singer Regular Point Needles

A regular point needle is a great place to begin for sewists just starting out. Many DIY sewing machine users primarily work with woven and lightweight fabrics, which means a regular point needle will be precisely what they need to get the job done almost every time.

Singer is a long-standing and well-trusted brand, which means you’re in good hands whenever you purchase a Singer product for your sewing machine. Additionally, regular point needles are some of the most affordable sewing machine needles.

Just make sure you purchase the correct size needles for your machine and switch them out when you work with heavier fabrics.

2. Dritz Universal Needles

Universal needle packs have multiple needle types and sizes to use for a variety of different projects. The Dritz Universal Needles pack is compatible with most major brand sewing machines and comes with needles for lightweight, medium, and heavy fabrics.

The Dritz Universal Needles pack is ideal for beginner to intermediate sewists using thicker fabrics for their projects. These packs are inexpensive while still providing plenty of value, and Dritz is a trustworthy brand that creates long-lasting and reliable products.

3. Singer Leather Needles

You need specific needles to apply stitches properly when working with certain fabric types. Leather is one of those fabrics.

If you try to stitch leather with a needle that’s too thin, the needle will likely break during the process. That’s because leather is an exceptionally thick and hearty fabric that doesn’t have the same give between fibers as woven fabrics.

When expanding your sewing machine experience by working with new and more challenging fabrics, you should use a trusted brand like Singer for your updated sewing machine needles.

Singer-brand needles are generally usable on most home sewing machines. However, if you’re using a heavy-duty sewing machine or a professional-grade machine for particularly hefty workloads, you may need to buy specialized needles to suit your machine.

4. Quilter’s Machine Needles

Quilting is another common project type for sewists of all levels and abilities. As long as you have enough fabric, making DIY quilts is relatively simple. However, you should use quilter’s machine needles for your quilting projects to make sure you don’t break a needle or apply uneven stitching with the wrong needle size.

Quilter’s machine needles come in packs of 5 assorted needle sizes designed for different machines, stitch types, and fabric types. Smaller needles are best for fabrics like taffeta and silk, while the heftier needles work well with thick pieces of cotton, satin, and linen.

5. Organ Chainstitch Embroidery Needles

Are you looking to embroider designs or wording on your project? Embroidery needles are made with a barbed hook design to create clear, bright embroidery on your sewing projects. Organ is a popular brand that offers special-order embroidery needles for sewists of all levels.

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