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What Does an Industrial Walking Foot Do?

If you have just been introduced to the world of sewing, you may not know what all of the sewing machine parts are yet, and what they do. In this post, Gold Star Tool will explain what an industrial walking foot is, and its functions. We will also show you one of our very popular Juki Industrial Machines that include the walking foot, and why it is beneficial.

Why to Purchase a Walking Foot

The term “walking foot” is used because it actually looks like the foot of a sewing machine. Many machines contain this, because it makes a sewers life much easier when working with certain fabrics. Let’s start with the basics- what it is. Sometimes certain fabrics are hard to work with, and this makes it possible to put them all together. This part that attaches to your sewing machine has a funky look, but once you use it, you may not want to ever let it go. There are many other types of “feet” for your sewing machine, but this one is slightly bigger, and stands out more.

A great way that the walking foot is valuable to sewers is if they are using multiple types of fabric that have more than 1 layer. Sometimes, because a fabric has multiple layers, those layers can slip out and show, or not grasp into the stitch. With the walking foot, it prevents this from happening and stitches all the layers together immediately. The fabrics can also tend to go different directions when layered, and this is why the walking foot is valuable too.

Gold Star Tool sells the walking foot parts separately on our website. In this photo, you will see our inside foot for portable walking foot sewing machine. This is just priced at $14.99, and you can select your quantity online. Click this link to shop the portable walking foot: https://goldstartool.com/Inside-Foot-for-Portable-Walking-Foot-Sewing-Machine.html