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What is an Impulse Sealer, and Do I Need One?

Sealing items into cardboard boxes is easy with everyday tools like packing tape and a tape dispenser. But making sure that materials like plastic packaging are safely sealed to keep their contents secure isn’t relatively as straightforward. 

Oftentimes, you’ll need a unique tool to make sure that your plastic packages are sealed to safety standards. That tool is known as an impulse sealer.

An impulse sealer is an electrically-powered tool that is used to seal certain forms of plastic packaging. Generally, this includes thick plastics that will not break down or melt when exposed to heat. 

Using electricity, a metal wire is heated up within the machine. It is applied directly to the packaging being sealed, which cannot be opened without a tool like scissors (unless you rip it open with your hands). 

Types of Impulse Sealers 

The hand-operated tabletop impulse sealer resembles a stapler, with a lever to press down in order to make it function. Foot-operated impulse sealers are usually mounted on a movable stand and used for larger or thicker packaging. 

Double impulse sealers contain two metal bars that can bond together even the thickest of plastic material, which is why they’re often used in machinery or automotive construction.

As you can see, there are different types of impulse sealers for different situations. Most models can be specially programmed to successfully seal different types of plastic, work at different temperatures, or seal within different timeframes. 

Who Uses an Impulse Sealer? 

In order to determine whether you need an impulse sealer for your business or personal projects, it can be helpful to know who typically uses this device. 

Different types of impulse sealers are utilized by hardware, automotive, and electronics stores as well as their suppliers and manufacturers. Many kinds of candy, tea, and food suppliers or manufacturers use impulse sealers, as well.

In general, most industries that create physical products involving plastic materials and strict safety standards will use an impulse sealer of some kind. 

Equipment that Pairs Well with Impulse Sealers 

Bag openers are valuable tools for loading products into a plastic bag before sealing them with an impulse sealer. Additionally, label dispensers can be used to prepare labels for products during sealing or immediately after. 

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