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What is the Difference Between Industrial and Domestic Sewing Machines?

If you're an experienced sewer or quilter with a few years or decades behind the needle, you probably have two or more sewing machines. But for new and experienced sewers alike, finding the perfect new machine is just overwhelming. 

The first big decision is whether you're buying domestic or industrial. Don't get lost in all the other words like commercial, home, personal, professional, or residential. There are the options of domestic and industrial, that's it. Choosing between one and the other is a big deal because it will determine what features you have available and what projects you can handle. 

So what is the difference? Find out below.

Both Machines Can Accomplish the Basics

Both machines can sew, let's get that out of the way. When it comes to basic projects or even making garments, you can expect domestic and industrial machines to see these projects to completion. However, that doesn't mean that you'll get the same quality regarding the end results. 

You can quilt and craft with either option. However, some machines offer a lot more convenience and comfort. 

When it comes to price, you can indeed find affordable options for domestic machines and industrial machines. 

What Can an Industrial Machine Do That a Domestic Machine Can’t?

Industrial machines are typically made for businesses and factories. The industrial machines usually deliver high-performance in the quality of sewing. They also move at a much faster speed, which speeds up production time, this is because of their incredibly powerful motors. Industrial machines can handle heavy-duty thread and heavy-weight fabric such as upholstery material and leather. 

Some industrial machines have extras built-in, such as extension tables for quilters, free-motion quilting options, and even sergers. You will have a hard time finding these on domestic machines. 

A special note for industrial machines, the high-quality machines start at about $1,000, but you can find introductory, personal models for less than that. 

What Can Domestic Machines Do That You Can’t Get from an Industrial Machine?

Domestic machines are typically made for personal and home use. Domestic machines come with all those fancy stitches, whereas industrial machines usually only have one or two stitches. As a huge plus for the domestic machine options, they don't require cleaning. Industrial machines require regular cleaning and oiling, so not maintaining the machine is usually a decision-maker. 

When it comes to sewing speed, domestic machines usually are much slower and have a cap on how fast they can go. This is great for beginners or people who want to teach others to sew. The quality of sewing is not as high with an industrial machine, but the quality can depend on your materials and not just the machine with most projects. 

Luckily, GoldStar Tool is your one-stop-shop for both kinds of sewing machines. We sell industrial and domestic machines. If you are still unsure of which machine is right for you, contact our customer service department today.