How to Decide Which UFOs (Unfinished Objects) are Worth Finishing

How to Decide Which UFOs (Unfinished Objects) are Worth Finishing

If you’re overwhelmed with the unfinished projects around your home or in your craft room, know that you’re not alone. UFOs, or unfinished objects, are present in every crafter’s life. But do you know exactly where these projects are in terms of completion and success? We’ll help you go through and identify what projects you have in progress are worth finishing, and which you should probably throw in the towel. 

Questions To Help You Decide

Let’s go through the premier questions to help you decide whether you really want to pick up an unfinished project. Mind you, as you decide on your UFOs, you will want to pull them out, unfold them, and really get a sense of what this project needs for completion. 

  • Do you love this project?
  • Will it require more time or energy than it is worth? 
  • Is this project more or less important than others you have in-progress?
  • Will it make me happy to work on this, or will it be a drag?
  • Does this project serve a purpose?
  • Is this something you can commit to?

One of the bigger elements that come into play when deciding on a UFO is feeling and emotion. Some projects feel like more of a chore than others, even when they sometimes require less work. 

Why? Because we give our projects this emotional weight. 

If you don’t love your project, don’t do it. 

Good Reasons to Finish Projects You Might Otherwise Leave Undone 

There are plenty of reasons why we put down some projects. 

One common reason projects become abandoned is due to an event or shift in focus. For example, when many sewers find out that they or someone they know is pregnant, they may ditch their current project and pivot their focus to making crib bumpers, nursing covers, receiving blankets, and more. 

Many sewers also have a habit of switching gears to a new project if a loved one requests a special project. Most crafters seem to have similar prioritizing methods and are willing to leave some projects unfinished if they’re working on something more rewarding or useful

  • You genuinely meant to come back to the project right away.
  • This project would make an excellent gift.
  • You can donate or give the project to someone who needs it. 
  • Finishing the project will help you build a new skill. 

Now, it is important to remember that not all projects need to be finished, and there are some that don't make sense to finish. For instance, you don't have to complete an unfinished baby quilt to someone who now has a four-year-old and no baby on the way. The same goes for making a kennel quilt after you've given up on crate training. Don't try to create the excuse of gifting something to someone who won't use it. If there is no purpose for the finished project, don't worry about picking it back up.

Remember the reason you started the project, and see the possibilities now for the future of the completed project. Does this project have a purpose?

Great Reasons to Stop Working 

While a crafter’s sewing machines hardly ever get dusty, there are many good reasons not to return to the machine with a particular project. Here are some of the top reasons to outright abandon a project:

  • The material is expensive… too expensive to justify the project.
  • You made a mistake, and you’re not sure how to fix it (best to opt for another project to develop those skills)
  • The taste or décor has changed – there’s no use sewing up those rooster curtains if your kitchen is now full of sunflowers and cardinals. 
  • The project no longer serves a use if completed

Finally, be totally honest with yourself; if you’re not happy working on the project, let it go. You might ask around if some of your friends or a child wants to continue the project, but it’s probably time that you call it quits. It can be overwhelming to have multiple unfinished projects around, and sometimes it’s better to let go and move on with something fun. 

You should enjoy the projects you are working on, whether it is a UFO or a brand new project. Whatever you are working on, GoldStar Tool has the tools and accessories you need to get your project done.