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Why Does My Needle Keep Unthreading?

Firing up the sewing machine and getting ready to start a new project is always exciting. What’s less than thrilling is when your needle keeps unexpectedly unthreading along the way.

There’s nothing more frustrating than hitting your stride only to have to stop and re-thread a needle. While it’s not a fun experience, it’s good to know you’re in good company with this struggle. There are a few common reasons this might be happening that are worth considering.

Your Sewing Machine Thread Tension Could Be Off

One of the most common issues leading to a needle that keeps unthreading is a sewing machine with the wrong thread tension in place. Thread tension at the top that’s either too high or too low can result in this issue. Try adjusting the tension in both directions to find that perfect fit before continuing onward with your project.

A Mismatched Spool

Another reason that thread keeps jumping out of the needle could have to do with the spool on the sewing machine. The wrong size spool or a spool installed incorrectly can make it impossible for the thread to stay in place. Be sure to check that the spool is the right size, in place, and spins without shaking.

You Might Not Be Starting with Enough Thread

A needle that unthreads as soon as you start to sew can negatively impact your project right out of the gate. It’s also a good indicator that you may not have enough thread lined up to begin with! 

Instead of giving up, simply check that you’ve pulled the right amount of thread through the machine. You’ll need to pull a minimum of 10 to 15 centimeters from the upper line and bobbin alike. Once you do, you can hit the pedal and get going with ease.

It Could Be Your Needle

There are times when a needle that unthreads has less to do with alignment and more to do with the needle itself. If you want to sew effectively, the needle needs to be perfectly straight, and perfect for the project. Some needles are better for certain projects than others

Check your needle over carefully for any slight or major bends in its body. If you find one, it's fair to assume it’s the reason your needle keeps unthreading, and you’ll want to replace it immediately.

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