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Why You Should Invest in Shears for Your Sewing Kit

People who love to get out their sewing machine and create one-of-a-kind projects know that the details matter. The difference between “good” and “amazing” results often lies in the quality of products that you keep in your sewing room.

Among the essentials that you keep in your home’s most creative space, shears are one that should never be left out of the sewing kit. While there are plenty of sub-par versions available on the market, investing in a quality pair of shears will both improve your final products and last for years. 

The Benefit of Pairing Shears with Your Sewing Machine

Sitting down at your sewing machine to create something new is meant to be fun. Unfortunately, when the wrong pair of scissors are used to cut fabrics, it can make the entire process painful and longer than necessary.

By investing in quality shears, you’ll free up time to focus on the enjoyable parts of crafting. You’ll also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can easily tackle any piece of fabric that comes your way.

What Makes Shears Different from Standard Scissors?

When you decide to use your sewing machine with a pair of quality shears, the difference is evident. Unlike standard scissors, shears are heavier and larger, making them better equipped for bulkier fabrics.

A firm grip is made easier with shears, as well. This is thanks to the large loop handle that provides space for more fingers at once. Shears can easily be purchased according to the right or left-handed preference and are available in versatile sizes to meet consumer needs.

Characteristics of a Quality Pair of Shears

The search for a quality pair of shears designed to last years on end should start with the material they’re made from. Keep an eye out for stainless steel blades, which are extra durable and provide for a smooth cutting experience.

Ergonomic handles and longer blades are also important when it comes to quality. A good grip will let you keep on crafting for longer, while extended blades allow you to cut more fabric in a shorter period of time.

Keeping Your Shears in Top Condition

Making sure your shears are up to any task requires some thoughtful maintenance. Be sure to have your shears professionally sharpened from time to time and add lubrication to the blades regularly.

To extend their lifespan, make sure that you only cut fabric with your shears. Similarly, avoiding sewing pins is important when it comes to keeping blades sharp and effective.

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