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Your Complete Guide to Pegasus Sewing Machine

Straight from Osaka, Japan, Pegasus hit the market in 1914. Since then, they’ve been among the top brands in manufacturers for commercial sewing machines. They are known for their remarkable power, durability, and consistent quality. Pegasus prides itself on making every machine to very precise specifications and demanding nothing short of the best. 

Pegasus has many things that separate them from others in the industry, such as keeping all manufacturing from design to completion in-house. They create the parts and even do the die-casting themselves. This level of control over their products allows them to produce consistently high-quality machines and the knowledge to back-up, repair, or provide parts for machines with confidence. 

The Pegasus Advantage 

A Pegasus machine is meant to be run around the clock, although that will undoubtedly burn through quite a bit of oil. However, even oil isn’t a big ordeal because of the Pegasus oil sealing setup used in all of their machines. The machine can get the best use of its oil without running the risk of bleeding out and staining or damaging the fabric. 

Power is another distinctive element for Pegasus machines.  The speed and precision these machines carry are only matched by the top competitors in the industry. Typically, these machines will sew in the range of 3,000 to 10,000 stitches per minute (SPM). 

Another key advantage is a servo motor. All Pegasus machines come with a servo motor, which accounts for their price tag. That servo motor is what makes all the power and speed possible. Additionally, they provide a vibration-free experience, which for many home sewers and small business owners is a dream come true—finally, the three key differences. Unlike a clutch motor, servo motors don’t vibrate, heat up, or make noise. 

Overlock and Interlock 

Pegasus Specializes in two types of commercial sewing Machinery: overlockers and interlocks. An interlock is the function of two primary mechanisms. Interlock stitching helps fabric layers remain together, avoid shifting, and helps the pieces look tidy. You can accomplish something similar with most basic or home sewing machines, but a Pegasus far-out performs those options.

Pegasus sewing machines almost all have the interlock Stitch along with a variety of other common play stitches. Like many commercial sewing machines, these devices don't focus on providing a wide variety of decorative stitches and instead focus on high function options that serve sewers, quilters, and garment makers. 

Pegasus also makes overlockers. An overlocker sewing machine is often commonly called a serger, which can stitch, trim, and overcast seams without stopping. An overlocker will sew at speeds far beyond conventional home sewing machines but within the Pegasus Line. This is the standard speed. All of the Pegasus machines operate well above 1,700 stitches per minute. 

What to Expect from a Pegasus Sewing Machine

The most remarkable thing you can expect from a pegasus sewing machine is the versatility when it comes to handling fabrics. For example, the Pegasus MX-5214 is a 4 thread overlock machine that can handle anything from light to extremely heavyweight fabrics. Anyone who's using an overlocker for a commercial business or a personal business could significantly benefit from a machine that can handle such a wide range of materials.

You can expect raw power with outstanding control from the Pegasus line of interlock Stitch machines such as the Pegasus W3662P. This machine operates at about 6,000 stitches permanently, uses two or three needles, and can handle up to five threads. What sets this particular machine and the rest of the Pegasus line apart from similar commercial machines is that it is easy to adjust the level for the differential feed ratio adjustment during sewing. 

With the variety of stitching options, the substantial power, servo motor, and speed, it's hard to argue that there are many machines out there that can outperform a pegasus. If you're looking for a new sewing machine this year, then it could be worth investing in a Pegasus. Do you need a machine that can operate almost around the clock with outstanding reliability and unmatched precision? Then, consider the many different Pegasus options. 

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