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Control Panel - JUKI #CP-180
Control Panel - JUKI #CP-180
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Control Panel - JUKI #CP-180

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Control Panel - JUKI #CP-180

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  • JUKI Models: DDL-8700-7, DDL-9010A-SH, DDL-9010A-SS, DLN-6390-7, LH-3500A, LH-3500A-7, LH-4128, LH4128-7, DSC-245-7246-7, DSU-142-7145-7, DU-141H-7, LZH-1290-7, DNU-1541-7, LS-1342-7, LU-1510N-71511N-71510NA-7,
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  • JUKI Models:  DLN-6390-7, LH-3500A, LH-3500A-7, LH-4128, LH4128-7, MF-3620-B(Direct-drive Hand-pulley type), MF-7200D/UT(Thread trimming type), MF-77007700D/UT(Thread trimming type), MF-78007800D/UT(Thread trimming type),
    MH-481-5484-5486-5, MO-67006900/LB6, MS-3580, DSC-245-7246-7, DSU-142-7145-7, DU-141H-7, LZH-1290-7 DNU-1541-7, LS-1342-7, LU-1510N-71511N-71510NA-7, LU-1520N-71521N-71560N-71561N-7, LU-2210N-72210W-72212N-7, LU-2216N-72266N-7, LU-2220N-72260N-72260W-7, PLC-1710-71760-71760L

The production support function consists of three different functions (six different modes): the output control function, the operation measuring function, and the bobbin counter function.
Each with its own production support effect. An appropriate function (mode) can be selected as required, and the parameter setting can be done on the operation panel, thereby helping reduce operator fatigue
during setup changes.

Output Control Function

  • Target No. of Products Display Mode - Under this mode, the target number of products and the actual number of products produced according to the work hours are displayed.
  • Target Actual Result Difference Display Mode - The difference between the target number of products and the actual number of products produced is displayed.

Since operators can check the actual number of products on the panel at all times, they can strengthen their sense of purpose in achieving the target, thereby increasing productivity.  In addition, operators can visually check the progress of their work in real-time, leading to the early detection of any problems and the execution of early corrective measures.

Operation Measuring Function

  • Sewing Machine Availability Mode- The average sewing machine availability in the previous cycle and the current cycle is displayed
  • Pitch Time Display Mode - The average processing time in the previous cycle and the current cycle is displayed.
  • Average Speed of Stitch Display Mode - The stitch's accumulated speed in the previous, and current cycles are displayed.

In addition, since the sewing machine operation status, pitch time (process machining time ) can be automatically measured, process analysis, line arrangement, and facility efficiency confirmation can be easily obtained. As a result, the man-hours required for production control are reduced.

Bobbin Counter Function

  • Bobbin Counter Display Mode - The operator is notified that the bobbin needs to be replaced before the bobbin runs out.

Since the operator is notified of the time to replace the bobbin, the operator is no longer required to carry out the re-sewing of seams sewn without bobbin thread, thereby increasing working efficiency. In addition, the worker carries out his/her work in a stress-free environment without worrying about needle-hole damage to the material, which is likely to be made when sewing without bobbin thread.

Function Comparison table between CP-18 and CP-180

  • Production support function
    • CP-18
    • CP-180
  • Automatic reverse-feed stitching (performed at start/end of sewing: select-able)
    • CP-18 - 0 to 15 stitches
    • CP-180 - 0 to 19 stitches
  • Double reverse-feed stitching (performed at start/end of sewing: select-able)
    • CP-18 - 0 to 15 stitches
    • CP-180 - 0 to 19 stitches
  • Constant-dimension sewing (performed at start/end of sewing: select-able)
    • CP-180 - 0 to 500 stitches, 0 to 19 stitches
  • Rectangular stitching (performed at start/end of sewing: select-able)
    • CP-180 - 0 to 99 stitches, 0 to 19 stitches
    • Multi-layer stitching
      • CP-18 - 0 to 15 stitches,0 to 9 times
      • CP-180 - 0 to 19 stitches, 0 to 9 times
    • Bobbin Thread counter display
      • CP-18
      • CP-180
    • Needle up/down Correction (1 stitch stroke or needle up/down according to the internal setting)(changeable between "up → down" and " down → up"
      • CP-180
    • Automatic sewing (select-able between constant-dimension sewing and rectangular sewing)
      • CP-180
    • Max. sewing speed control dial
      • CP-180
    • Display of sewing speed (combined with the SC-921, SC-922)
      • CP-18
      • CP-180