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Fabric Cutting

As one of the leading suppliers of industrial sewing equipment, we understand the needs of garment, sewing and upholstery industries for high quality fabric cutting equipment. At GoldStarTool, we provide small scale rotary cutters along with industrial cutting machines for larger applications and factory use.

Our swatch and fabric cutting machines are built to last, and ergonomically designed for easy use over long periods. They are equipped with safety features for protecting the user from the blades and other potential hazards. They include mechanisms for self-sharpening and other maintenance needs. Our custom machines are all built to last and come  with a limited lifetime warranty.

One of our top sellers for large scale use is our straight 6" bladed fabric cutting machine, designed for light to medium weight fabrics, such as woven materials and cloth.

For questions about our high quality fabric cutters, or any of the sewing and cutting supplies we carry, contact us online, or dial 1 (800) 868-4419 for more information.