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Full Spool Braided Elastic
Full Spool Braided Elastic
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Full Spool Braided Elastic

Full Spool Braided Elastic
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Full Spool Braided Elastic

Highly Stretchable & Durable Braided Elastic

Tool brings forth the finest grade elastic cord with a super-soft texture that makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.  It is widely used in necklines,  leg bands,  shoe accessories,  hair bands,  sleeves,  ear bands,  clothing accessorizing,  and more.  The braided elastic feels smooth and doesn't lead to rashes on the skin.  It is made with a blend of finest-grade polyester and rubber that makes it durable enough to withstand prolonged use.  The stretchable rubber cord doesn't break easily or shrinks even when washed in a machine,  offering reliable performance.


  • Elastic String:  Designed to be used in a wide range of stitching and crafting projects,  the braided elastic band boasts high stretch.  It becomes narrower when pulled or sewn through.
  • Quality Material:  Crafted with a blend of premium quality materials like polyester and rubber,  the elastic string for sewing doesn't shrink and shows excellent durability against normal wear and tear. 
  • Versatile Use:  The braided elastic band is commonly stitched into waistbands,  necklines,  leg bands,  sleeves,  bags,  face masks,  shoe accessories and DIY jewelry making.
  • Skin-friendly:  This stretchable elastic cord is non-irritable and feels amazingly soft and gentle to touch.  It doesn't lead to the occurrence of rashes when comes in direct contact with skin.

Available in blank and white.


  • 1/8" Inch 288 Yards
  • 1/4" Inch 144 Yards
  • 3/8" Inch 100 Yards
  • 1/2" Inch 144 Yards

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