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Hinged Foot Even Toe Foot -#12144H
Hinged Foot Even Toe Foot -#12144H
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Hinged Foot Even Toe Foot -#12144H

Hinged Foot Even Toe Foot -#12144H
Product Pictures
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Hinged Foot Even Toe Foot -#12144H

Part Number:  12144H

Great for sewing very narrow seams. The hinge allows smooth movement while holding thin material in place. It helps to avert puckering, skipped stitches, and bunching due to the small needle hole.

Will not work on walking foot machines.


  • Aritsan Models:  196R, 5500, 8500, ZJ-100
  • Bernina Models:  117, 117K, 117L, 217-10, 217-20, 217-25, 317, 517, 740, 850, 950
  • Brother Models:  B221, B222, B484, B485, B486, B501, B522, B523, B523N, B524, B524N, B525, B525N, B526, B526D, B621, B651, B652, B705, B707, B715, B716, B735, B736, B737, B745, B751, B755, B757, B758-3, B760, B762, B763-3, B763-5, B764, B767-5, B780, B781, B790, B791, B792-3, B793, B795, B861, B861-1, BAS-21, BAS-23, BAS-200-1, BAS-200-2, K622
  • Chandler Models:  DBJ-704, MOC25, MOC125, MOT55
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  • Singer Models:  64, 96, 120U, 172, 188, 241, 245, 251, 281, 291U-3, 2191, 2491D

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