New-Tech GC-1900A Computer Controlled Highspeed Bartacking Industrial Machine With Table and Servo Motor
New-Tech GC-1900A Computer Controlled Highspeed Bartacking Industrial Machine With Table and Servo Motor
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90 Days labor on defects in materials and workmanship.

** Head Only option does not include the table, legs, Servo Motor, and LED Lamp. No assembly or residential charges necessary.

Disclaimer: Due to the weight and shipping methods used for industrial machines they may experience marring and scratches during shipping. This will not affect the operation of the machine.

New-Tech GC-1900A Computer Controlled Highspeed Bartacking Industrial Machine With Table and Servo Motor

New-Tech GC-1900A Computer Controlled Highspeed Bartacking Industrial Machine With Table and Servo Motor
Product Pictures
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New Tech GC-1900A 

Computer Controlled Highspeed Bartacking Industrial Machine Comes With Table, Legs, Servo Motor and LED Lamp

HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY: The machine runs at 3,200sti/min, faster than any other sewing machine ever made. In addition to the high-speed sewing performance, cycle time can be substantially decreased (reduced approximately 30% compared to our predecessor model: For 42-stitch large bartacks).

THE SEWING STARTING POINT CAN BE CORRECTED: The sewing starting point can be shifted in the X/Y direction. This enables the correction of a sewing pattern in accordance with the presser foot configuration.

SIMPLE WORK CLAMP KIT: Conventionally, the front plate has to be removed to change the work clamp. With the new work clamp kit, the work clamp can be changed without removing the plate.

CONTROL BOX PANEL: Functional settings, such as pattern numbers, enlargement/reduction scales, swing speeds and needle thread tensions can be established through the operation panel with ease.

The operation panel has been installed at an angle and can be placed at the top, bottom, right or left part of the table according to the operator's preference.

REDUCTION OF NOISE AND VIBRATION: The main shaft and the thread take-up lever mechanism have been reworked to enable the reduction of noise and vibration. As compared with the conventional model 1900-BHS, the noise is reduced by 3.9 dB and the vibration is reduced by 1.65 dB.

EXCELLENT SEAM QUALITY: The Juki computerized industrial sewing machine comes with a newly developed needle thread grasping mechanism. The mechanism prevents thread from slipping off from the needle eyelet at the beginning of sewing, from tangling on the wrong side of the material and also being stained during sewing.

ELIMINATED OIL STAINS: Thanks to our advanced dry-head technology, the frame (needle bar and thread take-up) no longer requires lubrication. This prevents the material from being stained with lubricating oil.

ACTIVE TENSION: Since the machine is provided with an active tension mechanism, it is able to set a needle thread tension that matches various sewing conditions (such as thread, material and sewing speed) on the operation panel, store the data in memory and reproduce it.

AUTO-LIFTER: The presser foot lift can be set to a maximum of 17mm by using the reverse-rotation needle-up function in combination with the auto lifter mechanism.

EXCELLENT WORKABILITY AND OPERABILITY: The direct-drive head (with no belt), which is directly connected to a compact AC servomotor, achieves outstanding responsiveness and improved stop accuracy. This head helps create a comfortable working environment with reduced vibration and noise.

The arm section of the machine head is fitted with a hand pulley. This allows the operator to visually check the needle entry points.


  • Application: Standard Eyelet Buttonhole Bartacking Machine
  • Max. sewing speed: 3,200 Stitches per Minute
  • Sewing Area: 30mm x 40mm
  • Needle Bar Stroke: 41.2mm
  • Lift of the Work Clamp Foot: 14mm (17mm when the reverse-rotation needle-up function)
  • Needle: (at the time of delivery) DPx5 (#14)
  • Hook: Standard Shuttle Hook
  • Number of Stitches that can be Stored in Memory Max.: 20,000 stitches
  • Number of Standard Patterns: 50 Patterns
  • Number of Data that can be Input: 200 Patterns (for up to 150 patterns, sewing data can be added.)
  • Lubrication Hook: Minute-Quantity Lubrication
  • Lubricating Oil: New Defrix Oil No.2 (equivalent to ISO VG32)
  • Weight of the machine head: 47.3kg
  • Weight of the Control Box: 11.3kg


  • They use up to 90% less power than clutch motors
  • They are 1/3 lighter than clutch motors
  • With a flick of the switch you can reverse motor rotation
  • No parts to wear out or adjust.
  • No matter how hard you press the foot pedal configured speed remains the same 

Because of Servo motor speed control, most users find the machine is easier to use.  Both beginning and seasoned sewers find this feature helpful when stitching projects that don't demand high-speed stitching.