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Premium Wool Pressing Pad

Premium Wool Pressing Pad

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Premium Wool Pressing Pad

Wool mat is designed to reduce your hassles of ironing big loads of clothing.  It has densely interlocked fibers that efficiently retains the heat from the iron and transfers it to the fabric,  waving off the need for flipping and ironing it and therefore reducing the overall time consumed in ironing clothes.  The quilting wool pad has a felted texture that keeps the fabric in place while ironing and prevents it from stretching.  The rectangular wool mat can also be used for embroidery and sewing tasks.  They are very easy to use and offer the flexibility of ironing clothes at any surface by reducing the heat transfer underneath.


  • Wool Mat:  It is designed to make ironing or pressing tasks quick,  easy,  and efficient.  The rectangular wool pad has dense fibers that retain heat for longer durations and helps in achieving superior ironing results.
  • Quality Material:  Crafted with finest-grade fibers,  the pressing mat reduces the chances of stretching or damaging fabrics.  It has a felted surface that helps in keeping patches or fabric in place during ironing.
  • Applications:  The ironing wool pad is widely used in a variety of embroidery,  quilting,  DIY crafts,  and sewing projects.  It allows you to iron clothes or fabrics on many surfaces without damaging them.
  • Easy Portability:  The wool pad for quilting has a compact and lightweight design.  It can be stored in handbags or backpacks for hassles-free portability.
  • Specifications:  Rectangular wool pressing mat is available in various sizes - 8" x 8", 12" x 18", 13" x 13", 14" x 18", 17" x 17" & 17" x 24"

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