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Presser Regulator Screw Nut Assembly - JUKI #229-07554 and #229-07604
Presser Regulator Screw Nut Assembly - JUKI #229-07554 and #229-07604

Presser Regulator Screw Nut Assembly - JUKI #229-07554 and #229-07604

Presser Regulator Screw Nut Assembly - JUKI #229-07554 and #229-07604
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Vendor: JUKI
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Presser Regulator Screw Assembly - JUKI #229-07554 and #07604

Presser Spring Regulator: 22907554, 229-07554
Presser Spring Regulator Nut:
22907604, 229-07604
Alternate Part Number: 229-07505, 22907604-UNS

Includes both screw (229-07554) and nut (229-07604)


  • JUKI Models: DLN-9010, DP-2100, DDL-7000A-7, DDL-5570N, DDL-5580N SERIES, DDL-5556N-7-WB, DLD-5430N, DLD-5430N-7, DMN-5420N-7, DLM-5400N-7 SERIES, DLM-5200N, DLN-5410N-7, DLN-5410NH-7, DLN-5410NJ-7, DLN-5410N SERIES, DDL-5571N, DDL-5581N, DDL-5550N-7 SERIES, DDL-5530N SERIES, DDL-8100e, DDL-5550N SERIES, DDL-8100B-7, DDL-8100B-7R, DDL-8700B-7, DDL-8700A-7, DDL-900A, DDL-8500, DDL-8500-7, DDL-9000, DDL-8300, DDL-8700 SERIES, DDL-8700-7, DDL-900B, DDL-900BB, DLN-6390, DLN-6390-7, DLN-9010A, DLM-5400NDD-7, DMN-5420NDD-7, DLN-5410NDD-7, LH-3128-7, LH-3128, LH-1152, LH-1152-4, LH-1152-5, LH-1152-6, LH-1152-7, LH-3528, LH-3528-7, LH-3568, LH-3568-7, LH-3578, LH-3578-7, LH-3588, LH-3588-7, LH-3528, LH-3528-7, LH-3568, LH-3568-7, LH-3578, LH-3578-7, LH-3588, LH-3588-7(for China),LH-3500A Series, LH-3168-7, LH-3168, LH-3162-4, LH-3162-7, LH-3178, LH-3178-7, LH-3188, LH-3188-7, LH-3182-4, LH-3182-7, LH-3120, LH-3126F, LH-4128, LH-4128-7, LH-4168-7, LH-4188-7, LZ-2280N, LZ-2280N-7, LZ-2282N, LZ-2282N-7, LZ-2282NU-7, LZ-2286NU-7, LZ-2288NU-7,LZ-2290C, LZ-2280 SERIES, LZ-2280N, LZ-2280N-7 Series, LZ-2290, LZ-2290-7, LZ-2290A, LZ-2290A-7, LZ-2290A-SR-7, MH-380, MH-382, MH-484/S060_S061, MH-481, MH-486-4, MH-486-5, MH-481-4 SERIES, MH-481-5 SERIES, MH-484-4&S060_PF-5, MH-484-5&S060_PF-5, MP-200N, ML-111, LK-1930, LK-1910, LK-1920/MC592, AMS-205C/206C, AMS-221F, AP-876, AP-874, AVP-875/AW2, LK-1941, LK-1942, AMS-215C, AMS-215P, AMS-223C, AMS-251, AMS-221RCHS, AMS-210EN SERIES, AMS-221EN/IP-420, AMS-224EN4530R/AW3, AMS-210E, AMS-221E/IP-410, AMS-221FR/AW3, AMS-220C, AMS-220CGS, AMS-220CGB, AMS-224E/IP-410, AMS-224EN/IP420, AMS-220C/AMS-220P, AMS-224C, AMS-210D, AMS-224EN6060/IP-420, AMS-224EN4530R, AMS-221D/AMS-215D, AMS-210ENHL2210/TF10S, AMS-221F, DU-141H-7, DU-1181N (Machine number : ~8D7EJ01535), LU-1520N-7, LU-1521N-7, LU-1508N, LU-1508NH, LU-1510N-7, LU-1510NA-7, LU-1561N, LU-1561N-7, LU-1560N, LU-1560N-7, LU-1509N, LU-1509NH, LU-1511N-7, LU-1510N, DNU-1541, DNU-1541H, DNU-1541S, DNU-261H, LU-1520NCS-7, DU-580, DU-1181N-7, DDL-5600NL-7, DDL-5600NU-7, DDL-5600NJ-7, DDL-5600NR-7, DDL-5600NL, DDL-5600NU, DDL-5600NJ, DDL-5600NR, DU-1181N (Machine number : 8D7EJ01536~), LZH-1290 Series, DNU-1541-7, LS-1340, LS-1341, DSC-245,-4,-7, LS-1342, LS-1342-7, DSC-246V, DSC-246V-4,-7, DSC-246, DSC-246-4,-7, DSU-142, DSU-142-4,-7, DSU-144-4,-7, DSC-244V, DSC-244V-4, DSC-244V-6, DSC-244, DSC-244-4, DSC-244-6, DSC-245V-4,-7, DSU-144N, DSU-145, DSU-145-4, DSU-145-7, PLC-1690, PLC-1691, PLC-1710, PLC-1760, PLC-1760L, PLC-1710-7, PLC-1760-7, PLC-1660, PLC-1660-7, PLC-1660L, PLC-1610, PLC-1610-7, PLN-985, PLN-986

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