Prong Rivets - Clover
Prong Rivets - Clover

Prong Rivets - Clover

Prong Rivets - Clover
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Clover Prong Rivets are ergonomically crafted to add an ornamental appeal to your garments,  shoes,  and purses while maximizing the fabric strength.  It is commonly used to join two surfaces of the fabric or leather together.  The ornamental rivet is made from nickel plating and is suitable to be used as a fashion utility.  It features a four-leaf clover design which enhances the look of the garment.  The jean rivet has silver finishing and gives your clothes and shoes a more traditional appeal.  It is suitable to be used with denim, canvas, and leather.  It is a versatile sewing supply that is often used not only in fashion apparels like trousers and belts but also airplane construction.


  • SEWING SUPPLY:  Crafted to join two pieces of leather together,  the rivet joins the leather permanently and more securely using the setting tools and mallets.  It adds a decorative element to the leather shoes,  purses,  and belts.
  • FASHION ACCESSORY:  The belt rivet is made from nickel plates and is resistant to abrasion and corrosion.  The plating is forged into decorative studs that are often used as a fashion utility.  This prong rivet holds things together and attaches them to different surfaces.
  • CLOVER DESIGN:  The fashion rivet is embossed with four-leaf clover that makes it perfect as a fashion accessory.  The rivet has a shiny silver finish that adds charm to the clothes and shoes,  making them appear classic and traditional.
  • MULTIPLE PURPOSES:  The jean prong rivet can be used with fabrics such as denim,  canvas,  and leather.  It is also used to add a decorative element to purses and trousers and in the construction of airplanes.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATION:  The metal clover rivet measures 6mm & 9mm in diameter.  

Our special plating process to makes for shiny smooth finished rivets. Use with our other coordinating hardware.

To apply your rivets you may be interested in our grommet press machine and die set

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