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Cleaning Gun - Golden Eagle #CG-500
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Ever had a craft or sewing project that you just didn’t want to sew? It can be scary figuring out how to get the perfect products for your projects so that they don’t fall apart. There are some projects that call for glue, adhesives, and solutions rather than your needle and thread. 

Fabric Glue: Permanent bonds aren’t only for your sewing machines! Fabric glue can provide that bond that will last through the washing machine and your dryer. It also dries clear and for those fabrics that don’t heat well, fabric glue is the best option for that bond. You can use fabric glue on hems, patches, zippers, repairs, trims, and other crafts. 

Spray Adhesives: While fabric glue is more of a permanent solution, adhesives in the form of aerosol cans can be temporary or permanent. They are normally used for applique work. Be sure to use pins to mark the fabric. These can leave residue behind so be sure to wipe around the edges where excess might have gone.

Hot Glue Guns: Hot glue guns can get any crafting project done. While it’s not recommended to use hot glue guns with fabric as a replacement for sewing, it can help with repairs and with fasteners, furniture making, laminate bonding, and more.  

Cleaning Solutions: Cleaning your sewing products is so important. You should clean your sewing machines after every 10 hours of use or more. This will ensure that your parts are running smoothly and don’t get jammed. There are also multiple ways to clean your fabrics. Making sure spills and stains don’t ruin your projects forever is important. We offer spray guns and bottles for any messes you may need to clean up!

If you need more guidance on any of the products, please contact us and we happily answer any questions you may have.