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DIY Home Decor Using Juki Machines

We all love walking into a home that is aesthetically pleasing, with detail and style. Store-bought home decor can be very pricey, which causes many individuals to put a limit on what they can and cannot buy. With DIY home decor, you can create any type look desired, for a fraction of the price! These projects can quickly be done with GoldStar Tool’s Juki sewing machines. Continue reading to find out about hot DIY trends.


Trending Home Decor Ideas


DIY table runners. Is your beautiful dining table lacking the proper decor for those finishing touches? A table runner is a perfect addition to enhance the look of your dining room. Feel good when entertaining guests and hosting dinner parties, as everyone will love this look! If your dining table is made of wood, a white or tan runner would be more suitable. You can design it the way you want, rather than one already created from a store. Using a Juki sewing machine for your custom designed table runner is highly suggested, to ensure a secure and smooth process.

DIY Window shade curtains. Buying curtains for your home can be pretty expensive, especially if you need them for all your windows. Feel free to make custom shades in multiple colors, so your home’s interior aesthetic has a bold look to it. Creating your own can save you a lot of money, and might be more beneficial. Window shades can quickly be done with fabric and your Juki machine.

DIY sewn-in towel tags. Do you have a lot of family members at home, who all have similar looking towels? Trying to remember which towel is yours after a shower can get confusing. A smart way to recognize your towel from the others is with a sewn towel tag that is color-coded. Just pick the color of your choice and attach it to your towel for an easy solution to a stressful problem!

DIY chair covers. If you have old chairs lying around that are outdated, re-covering them with beautiful fabrics can transform them completely. Chair covers are trending, and a great way to spice up your interior space without spending too much money.

There are many more ways to get creative with DIY home decor. To make your projects much more accessible, consider a Juki sewing machine from GoldStar Tool! Click here to check out and shop our high-quality sewing machines.