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Introducing: Juki Coverstitch Machines

Juki Coverstitch Machines have been ahead of the game for quite some time. They are one of the most popular brands of sewing machines that GoldStar Tool carries, as they provide many features to users. In this post, GoldStar Tool will cover some of the very popular types of Juki stitching machine, so you can determine which one may be more suitable for your line of work!


Types of Juki Stitching Machines

First, we will start by reviewing the Juki 3 needle coverstitch machine, which comes equipped with a professional table & servo motor ( MF-7523). The Juki 3 needle works excellent for hemming clothing articles such as sleeves or t-shirt bottoms. Many can say that this sewing machine also works well with sportswear and knitwear, so if you are focusing on sports clothing & fitness, this machine is most suitable. Since this machine comes with a servo motor, you are already at an advantage. The main feature is that they are speed adjustable. You get to control the speed of the servo motor, and when the pedal is not engaged, it is entirely silent. Other motors can be loud and obnoxious, so having one that is quiet can make it easier to work in places such as the home or office without disturbing others. This machine also allows you to change the stitch type! Let’s say you are working on a variety of different clothing articles, and need different kinds of stitchings. It is now possible to change the stitch type. These include elastic for innerwear, or seams for outerwear. All you need to do is change the thread path, and your stitches are different. You can purchase the Juki 3 needle coverstitch here for just $1825.00.

Next, we have the Juki TL-2010Q mid-arm quilting and piecing machine. Offering many excellent qualities, this machine provides our clients with many feature options. This machine is terrific if you have a tailoring company or hem clothing often. It is also equipped to make home decor products such as pillows, warm blankets, etc. since it is a quilting machine. Let’s talk about the features- the first being it has an LED light. This is a benefit because it brightens up the needle area, allowing you to see the material you are working with. Another feature it offers is an automatic thread trimmer device. The trimmer will cut your needle and bobbin threads at the ends, so you can continue working on your projects without having to stop and personally do so. An additional feature this machine carries is that has maximum sewing speed control. For just $798.00, this machine can be yours. Click here to purchase the Juki TL-2010Q machine.

The third machine we will review is the Juki DDL-8700-7 single needle drop feed automatic machine. This machine comes equipped with table and servo motor, like the Juki 3 needle machine. The feature of automatic thread trimmings and automatic footlift are provided to make it easier for you to continue your projects without interruptions. The Juki DDL-8700-7 works perfectly for light to medium weight fabrics. It could handle more substantial materials, but it is not intended to work with them. You will find that this sewing machine is extremely comfortable to work with, is simple, and has reduced noise levels, making it accessible to work with at home. You can purchase the Juki DDL-8700-7 here for just $1699.99.

If you’re looking for the perfect Juki stitching machine, GoldStar Tool has what you need. Enjoy your high-quality Juki coverstitch machine for years down the line, and help your creations come to life.