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Introducing Juki Home Sewing Machines

Gold Star Tool loves the Juki home sewing machines, and we know you will too! These easy to use machines will make your life that much easier, and allow you to take on any type of project you wish to complete. The Juki high-speed sewing machines have many perks/ features, and we will share them with you in this blog post.

What Do Juki Home Sewing Machines Feature?

Let’s take a few examples of our Juki sewing machines at Gold Star Tool to tell you their amazing features.

Example 1: Juki DNU-1541 Single Needle Walking Foot Lockstitch Industrial Machine.

It already comes equipped with a table, motor, an LED lamp, which alone would cost you an arm and a leg to buy separately. This machine is wonderful for working with heavier industrial materials. Working from home with this machine? This will work great, and you should not experience any issues with it. Taking this machine to work to create your pieces? Even better.

Measurement Facts: This Juki machine sews up to 2,500 stitches per minute, with a max stitch length of 9mm (forward/ backward). Distance from the needle to the arm is 264mm. Motor output is 750W. Needle bar stroke is 36mm.

You can shop this sewing machine here for only $1899.99

Example 2: Juki DDL- 5550N high-speed single needle lockstitch (made in Japan). With the Juki DDL 5550N offers top of the line performance. One of its benefits and its reason for the popularity is that the machine reduces noise and sounds that a common sewing machine makes, making it easier for you to work without getting irritated. Sewing machines also vibrate and shake when they are in use, and this Juki machine is designed to reduce the vibrating feel as well. Therefore, this machine is excellent to have at home, even if you have young children or sleeping babies because you can hear them without abrupt noise.

Measurement Facts: Sewing speed is 5,500 stitches per minute, and the max stitch length is 4mm. Needle bar stroke is 30.7mm

You can shop this sewing machine here for only $825.00