Outdoor Series: How to Make Your Own Outdoor Cushions

Outdoor Series: How to Make Your Own Outdoor Cushions

When it comes to outdoor cushions, you need to prioritize comfort and style as well as durability so that your cushions will last for years, come rain or shine.

Store-bought outdoor cushions can get the job done, but they’ll never be as unique and eye-catching as their DIY counterparts. Additionally, you can tailor the pattern and material to your exact specifications when you make your own.

Ready to get started? You’ll need your sewing machine, a few additional materials, and a few hours of free time to make these outdoor cushions.

Things You’ll Need for This Project

To make long-lasting DIY outdoor cushions, you’ll need:

  • Your sewing machine

  • Sewing thread, sewing pins, and needle

  • Cushion insert

  • Upholstery-style fabric

After a few simple steps, you’ll have unique outdoor cushions to get all of your guests talking.

Step-by-Step DIY Sewing Machine Outdoor Cushions

Plan your design before beginning. Decide whether you want all of your cushions to match or if you want a mixture of patterns and colors. Additionally, extra features like Velcro, zippers, and ties will involve more time and effort.

Begin by spreading out your cushion fabric (right side up) and place the cushion insert on it.

Enclose the fabric over the top of the cushion and trim the three open sides so that the fabric covers the cushion with a quarter-inch seam allowance, and the seams meet in the middle on every side. Take your sewing machine and sew the quarter-inch seams.

Take the cushion out and sew a straight seam along the side seams. Put the cushion back in. It should fit snugly. Sew a new seam on the sides to make a tighter fit if it doesn't. With the cushion still inside, pin the front two corners to mark where you’ll sew them closed. Remove the cushion before you sew them.

Flip your fabric right side out, re-insert the cushion, and tuck in the exposed edges to create clean lines before stitching the remaining opening closed. We recommend using a needle and thread for this final stitch. Now your DIY outdoor cushions are ready to use!

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