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DIY Reusable Trick or Treat Bag

Tired of buying the same plastic buckets year after year only for them to break and fall apart? We are too, so this is it. This year, choose to make the sustainable, fun, and reliable choice… crafting. We’re closing in on Halloween, but don’t worry about time because you can complete this project in an hour, or even faster if you’re an experienced hand. 

We’re also finding ourselves getting way more into the Halloween spirit this year. Maybe it’s because we’re spending more time at home, or maybe it’s because we aren’t sure if our neighborhood will trick or treat this year. But we’ve got tons of crafts and a few backup plans to make sure that these kids will find full Halloween bags no matter what happens. 

Let’s get started! 


  • 2 - 13 ½” x 11 ½” main body fabric pieces  
  • 2 - 13 x 11 ½” lining fabric
  • 2 - 16” x 2 ½” pieces for the straps

Making a Boxy Bottom 

For this project, you’ll need to know how to make a boxy bottom. Boxy bottomed bags just hold so much more, and if you do end up using them for a spooky basket, they’re a lot easier to handle. It’s also not that hard to make a boxy bottom, and we’ve made the clearest possible directions here:

First, take the inner lining and lay it flat. Press over the seams as it makes it much easier to work with, and then get ready for the tricky part. 

Second, slide a hand into the liner, and feel for the corner, bottom, and side seams. With your other hand, pull the fabric away from its seams to create a type of mountain peak effect. You should end up with a triangle of fabric, with the side and bottom seams marking the center of either side of that triangle. Push one seam to one side, and the other, over to the opposing side. 

Third, feel for the point along your seam edge, where the bottom seam and side seam meet. For bags this size it’s usually about 2-inches across. Draw a straight line across your triangle of fabric over where those seam lines match. 

Fourth, stitch across your line, and then cut off the excess fabric, leaving 1/4-inch of fabric after the seam. Do the exact same thing for the other side, and you now have a boxy bottom! 

How to Make Your DIY Trick or Treat Bag 

These steps are so easy and straightforward that after you do it once, you won’t need the instructions again! 

  1. Press a 1/4-inch edge down on both long edges of the straps
  2. Fold the straps in half with the right sides out.
  3. Pin, press, and then sew the straps closed. 
  4. Line up the two body pieces with right-sides facing (outside pieces)
  5. Stitch all around the sides and bottom with a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Leave the top open!
  6. Grab your two liner pieces and lay them together, right sides facing, and pin them, leaving a 4-inch gap in the bottom. 
  7. Stitch down one side, and partially along the bottom. End your line with a backstitch and then, jump forward about 4 inches. Finish sewing from your starting point and up the other side of the bag. 
  8. Create a “boxy” bag bottom. 
  9. Turn your liner and insert it into the exterior of the bag (Outside of the bag should have the wrong side out). Use a pencil to poke out the boxy corners. 
  10. Line up your side seams for the exterior and the liner and pin them together. 
  11. Pin the straps into place between the liner and exterior layers. Give the straps about 2 ½ inches from each end of the bag and that should leave them nicely centered. Take a moment to check that they aren’t twisted, it’s hard to tell as the straps are tucked into the fabric sandwich. 
  12. Stitch all the way across the top edges with a 1/4-inch seam allowance. During this step you’ll secure both the straps and finish up the top. 
  13. Remove any pins and turn your bag by pulling out the lining through the 4-inch gap and setting the exterior fabric as patterned side out. 
  14. Stitch closed the bottom opening in the liner and tuck it into place. 
  15. If you like, give a final stitch across the top edge of the bag for a polished touch. 

Now, you can go out a night of trick or treating. Or, if you’re planning on staying home, you might use this as a spooky basket, or encourage the kids to trick-or-treat down the hallway where surprises and scares await behind every door! 

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This year has been a crazy ride, but enjoy your family and a fun holiday season in 2020. Tag us on Instagramwith your projects, we love to see what our customers create! If you are curious about any of our products, contact our customer service team and we will happily answer any questions you may have.