Kids Craft Series: Sock Puppets

Time-honored, forever loved, and the spark of many creative stories. Designing these sock puppets will keep you both entertained while you're held up inside! You can make a very easy sock puppet with a clean, albeit old sock, googly eyes, and a few fun items from around the house. 

Easy Version:

Take a sock of any color, that isn’t an ankle sock and glue down two googly eyes across the top of the toe end. Hot glue or super glue works well! 

Now you can add in a tongue with felt, but you can also add whiskers with pipe cleaners or straws. 

You can have sock puppet monsters, snakes, cats, or sheep if you glue on cotton balls! 

More Challenging Version:

To create a slightly more complex cat sock puppet, you'll need scissors, needle, and thread, as well as a fair amount of felt. 

  • Turn your sock and in the heel, cut out a small “V” shape and stitch both edges. 
  • Now you have two pointy ears! Turn the sock back so it's right-side-out, and with your finger tucked in the toe portion of the sock, create a little mouth. 
  • With a needle double-threaded, sew a running stitch around the tucked in part and then pull the thread through at the end to make it bunch together. 
  • Now, decorate your sock puppet with a felt nose, mouth, googly eyes and whiskers. 

The great thing with sock puppets is that it's a craft you can do with your kids, and there are no limits to creativity or resources. Use hot glue, super glue, or thread to apply yarn, felt, or other types of fabric. You can also break out your fabric paint or markers. The sky’s the limit and the kids will love it!

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