Fall Necessities: DIY Water Bottle Holder

Fall Necessities: DIY Water Bottle Holder

Looking for a useful craft that will make your life easier this fall? This DIY water bottle holder is perfect for crafters of all abilities and experiences!

Whether you’re heading back to campus for a new school year or heading out on a long hike, you’re sure to enjoy the convenience and style of this easy-to-make water bottle holder.

Supplies You’ll Need

The supplies you’ll need for this craft are:

  • Fabric paint (white)

  • Paintbrush

  • Fabric for the exterior (1/4 yard)

  • Fabric for the lining (1/2 yard)

  • Fusible interfacing (medium weight)

Don’t forget your handy sewing machine!

How to Make a Water Bottle Holder with a Sewing Machine

To make your bottle holder tag, cut two small circles about the size of your water bottle, as well as a 2” by 8” rectangle. Trace out a design or your initials onto the tag, use your fabric paint and brush to paint it on, and let it dry thoroughly.

Make straps for the tag by folding the rectangular piece in half. Press it, open it back up, fold the edges in again, and press again.

Fuse the fabrics and interfacing with the front and back pieces together. Place the strap piece in between and sew around the edges with your sewing machine, leaving a small hole.

Next, turn the tag right side out, press it, and apply a top stitch.

Measure your bottle’s circumference and length, add 2” to each number, and cut out a rectangle from your exterior and lining fabrics. Then cut the rectangle in half.

Using the bottle, draw a circle. Add 2” and cut this from both fabrics.

Cut a 4” by 30” rectangle for the handle.

Fuse the interfacing with the lining fabric and sew the right sides of the lining together, leaving a small gap. Pin your circle piece to the sleeve, sew, and repeat with the exterior.

Make the straps in the same way you made the tag straps. Attach them to the exterior, inserting your tag and strap. Put the exterior inside the lining and sew from the top edge.

Pull the lining right side out from the gap you left and close the gap with a top stitch.

Lastly, add an exterior monogram if desired.

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