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Get Ready to Be Inspired to Sew More

Everyone experiences creative slumps, it's completely normal, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's okay. If you just aren't inspired to sew, you can boost yourself out of this rut and be happy to get back behind the machine! We strongly believe that you should feel good about sewing, and we want you to be excited to take on new projects and challenge yourself. 

So, we've gathered up a few of the best ways to get yourself inspired! Some of these suggestions don't sound like a lot of fun. Keep in mind that when things become a habit, it makes it easier to get through ruts in the future.

Clean, Organize and Optimize

Sometimes just spending time in your crafting space or sorting through your materials can help you get back on track. Handle your materials and your tools and get them organized. Most crafting areas walk the thin line between organized chaos and absolute disaster.

If you don't feel like sewing for a day, then don't sew. Instead, make it easier to sort through your tools, fabric stash, thread collection, and how you organize the room or where you store your materials. Sometimes you can just appreciate sorting through a fabric stash, and spending some time with the equipment and tools can help spark that fire again!

Find Deadlines

Some people just put more effort in when they know that there's a deadline or an end date. If you're working on projects when you feel like it, then it's not surprising that they take forever. To promote some inspiration, then agree on a deadline with someone who can provide outer accountability.

That outer accountability can get behind the sewing machine more often and with more happiness. Challenge yourself to submit to a craft fair or competition by signing up ahead of time. Or, talk to your friend about giving them a project of yours. You can get some details from them, such as color or design preferences, and then ask them to set a date. Or, you can choose a date for them, such as their birthday or an upcoming holiday.

Create Useful Items

What do you need? Do you need coasters? Oven mitts? A makeup pouch or a new dress? You can craft or create almost anything, so why not make something you need and use nearly every day?

You’ll love the joy that comes from creating something that you’ll use regularly. All too often us sewers and crafters get into the habit of making things that serve a purpose and serve a fair amount of time in the linen closet or in storage.

Shop for Fabric

Who doesn't love shopping for fabric? Go and touch the fabric and buy some fabric that you love. You'll find a project for it later. You can buy fabrics, notions, or tools without having a project planned right this minute.

Get Involved in the Creative Community

The creative community is brimming! Between Instagram and Etsy, you can find a ton of support and competition. Remember that when it comes to crafting, it's not about entering a potentially saturated market. If you start posting on Instagram or start an Etsy shop that these other crafters aren't a competition, you're all creating something different and something unique!

Complete a Quick Project

What can you get done in ten minutes? You can create a zipper bag, a Christmas stocking, a purse, a pillowcase. These are all things you can knock out quickly and with minimal effort. These are great to get you started even when you're feeling unmotivated. You can at least feel accomplished.

Here’s a list of projects you can easily complete in less than 20 minutes, probably with the materials you already have on hand:

●  Baby blanket

●  Drink holders

●  A simple skirt

●  Pillowcases

●  Drawstring tote bag

●  Infiniti scarf

●  Flannel scarf

●  Pencil case

●  Makeup brush holder

●  Kitchen towels

●  Fabric headband

●  Burp cloths

●  Crinkle squares for toddlers

Create Homemade Gifts

Some people strive to accomplish an entirely handmade Christmas, but you can start with just one or two really meaningful gifts. Plan out making a memory quilt for someone or creating baby clothes for a family member who’s expecting.

Not only are people more deliberate with their time when they’re making a gift, but they’re also more purposeful with their projects. Find a project that will really mean something to the recipient. You might even use this as an opportunity to get outside of your comfort zone. If you’ve never tried quilting, then this could be your chance. Or if you’ve never made garments before, why not try now?

Prepare Your Space

One of the most common complaints that sewers report is the struggle of finding everything to get started. Earlier on this list, we mentioned cleaning and organizing the space. Well, now, you can work on preparing it. Get everything for your next project together, in one big tub, and separated with bags or smaller bins to keep it all organized.

For those who have to 'collapse' their space each time, then make it easy to grab what you need to start on your project. You want to make it as easy as possible to get going, and we see this across many hobbies.

Take ten minutes to set up your space and narrow down your focus to only the things you’ll need for your project.

Start with Six Minutes

Getting started is often the most challenging part, so give yourself six minutes. Why six? Well, it's more than five minutes, and it's less than ten, which makes it seem like it's not too long, but also not too short. After six minutes, if you genuinely don't feel like working on your project, then don't. If you don't want to sit behind the sewing machine, then don't force it, but at least try.

Trying for six minutes can also help you gain some insight into why you’re in a slump. Did you spend all six minutes frustrated over a task that you’ve left undone for weeks? Did you realize that you just don’t have a passion for what you’re working on or feel like your projects have grown stale? Use these six minutes to work on your sewing and then reflect on why the six minutes did or did not work.

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