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GoldStar Tool Shears VS. Regular scissors

Many people make the common mistake of using normal scissors for their sewing creations. Although this can get the job done, there is nothing that Gold Star Tool’s professional tailoring shears can’t work with. In this blog, we will explain the clear differences between the two, and why you should make the switch if you are working in fashion or the garment industry.

Knowing The Difference

Regular scissors are used for multiple purposes, such as cutting boxes open, trimming paper, cutting wire, and much more. Typical scissors can be made from more than one material, such as plastic or even aluminum, depending on how much you would like to spend. Yes, they are excellent tools to have around the house, as they are almost always needed for different situations. More than one pair are suggested, because you will most likely need two or three for certain types of projects. But, scissors are not all that great for specific cuttings such as for garments and sewing.

Shears are meant to be used for the fashion industry. The most important thing about them is their sharpness and ability to cut through any types of fabrics. The sharper it is, the less likely it will damage your garments. The handles of shears are made to be more comfortable than ordinary ones, because individuals in the fashion industry are constantly needing them. It is important for shears to also feel very light in your hands while you are working on your designs, because heavy shears can stop you from working as efficiently as possible.

How To Care For Tailoring Shears

Caring for shears is simple, but it is important to give them the proper maintenance as much as you can. Often times, fabric, glue, lint, or other materials can get stuck onto the blades of your shears, making it slightly difficult for them to work as efficient as possible. The cleaning process is simple- use a special cloth such as the one you use to clean sunglasses or reading glasses with. Running this through your tailoring shears and on the blades will guarantee that no lint or product is stuck on them.

Another way to clean them is with special oil from Gold Star Tool. Using our sewing machine oil can really help loosen up your shears and refrain them from being tight. You can purchase out sewing machine oil here: