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How to Pick the Best Sewing Machine for Knit Fabrics

Learning to sew is a skill that opens up a world of creative possibilities. The basics are essential for building an artistic foundation, but there’s a lot of excitement in the options beyond basic skills too!

A sign that you’re advancing in your sewing skills is when you’ve reached a point when you’re ready to try to tackle knit fabrics. While this is an endeavor that can be slightly intimidating, having the proper sewing machine can make the process more approachable.

No, a regular sewing machine just won’t get the job done to knit fabrics. Fortunately, there are many more suitable options out there to consider that can help you create outstanding results!

Set Your Sights on a Serger Sewing Machine for Seams

Known elsewhere in the world as an “overlock,” a serger sewing machine happens to be the perfect choice for creating beautiful seams on knit fabrics. Not to be confused with a serger stitch, a serger machine is a unique design!

When you put a serger machine to work, it utilizes specialized cone threads that are flexible and move more quickly with knit fabrics. While topstitching and hemming are out of the question with a serger, it’s exactly what you need to get the seams just right.

Use a Cover Stitch Machine for Hems

Investing in a cover stitch sewing machine is a must for those who spend any significant amount of time hemming knit fabrics. It’s a machine designed to perform this function. It’s also a time-saver as opposed to transitioning other devices to do the same job.

The benefit of using a cover stitch machine for knit fabric hemming is that it can easily create two parallel rows of straight stitches across the face of the fabric. It can also generate thread loops across the back of the garment that connect from one stitch to the next. That provides for much-needed flexibility.

Head Back to a Conventional Machine for Topstitching

Many people are surprised to find that they can use their conventional sewing machines on knit fabrics to care for topstitching! Check your machine to see if there’s a setting for a stretch stitch. That is the best choice for putting finishing topstitch touches in place.

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