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How to Pull Through a Creative Block After the Holidays

You might have spent the last few months rushing through projects or spicing up your fabric stash with fun prints. But what now? The burnout that follows the holidays is all too familiar, and it comes at the worst time! At the beginning of the new year, there are plenty of groups, influencers, and families to start big projects or challenges. If you're in the midst of burnout, then it might feel like you aren't ready to jump into the next great challenge or project. You can fight off burnout and pull through your current creative block.

Set Your Starting Line

This guide isn't precisely step by step. You can deviate or adapt plenty of elements here, but you must put first things first. To set your starting line, you'll need to:

  • Take an inventory of your fabric and projects.
  • Organize your unfinished projects by how much you want to finish them or how close they are to completion.
  • Clean up any Pinterest board or planned project ideas and pull out a few that spark your interest.

Seek Out Inspiration

You've probably heard of "the muse," and undoubtedly, great creative people have a muse they can call upon for inspiration. Except it doesn't work that way. You must go out into the world, or the worldwide web, and find your motivation to jostle your inner creative self or muse. Rustle them out of bed by exploring Pinterest or skimming through sewing or quilting magazines.

Explore a handful of sites that offer free sewing ideas. Goldstar's blog features many projects, while Pinterest is another excellent option. If you are still in need of some free sewing ideas, a quick Google search can provide you with millions of free and comprehensive sewing patterns and crafting ideas.

Do One Small Thing Five Times

Get behind your sewing machine and just get started. For many people, getting started is the hardest part. However, even an expert sewer can find some satisfaction in knocking out a handful of tea towels, coasters, hand towels, laptop sleeves, or tote bags. These projects and many others only take five or ten minutes. 

You should try to do these small projects in groups. First, there's the matter of sitting behind your machine for as long as possible. Second, many of these projects are items you'll use frequently, and you may need multiples, such as kitchen towels or tote bags. Finally, much of sewing is tedious, but that offers a meditative type of joy. Do small projects in small groups to create many simple items and break through the thickest factor of creative fatigue – getting going.

Make a Meaningful Gift

Throughout the holidays, we can all worry about making enough for everyone. Making stockings, purses, garments, and other items can consume our time. Not that those items aren't meaningful, but they often feel rushed. Take some time to come up with a few projects that would be truly meaningful to the recipient.

For example, consider making a quilt for a couple that has an upcoming wedding or for a baby on the way. Many appreciate memorial gifts for those who passed or celebratory quilts for milestone birthdays or anniversaries. Meaningful gifts can send you on outlandish quests for the perfect print or pattern. Use this to spur your inspiration!

Upcycle Something You've Hesitated to Throw Out.

We all have those items that we hold onto for some unknown reason. Whether it has sentimental value or something that you bought with good intentions but never saw through. Upcycle items that you have around the house, worn-through t-shirts, your children's old clothes, and anything else you can get your hands on.

Make Lists

Lists aren't for everyone, but if you're feeling drained from your hobby, it can help you move forward. Create lists for everything that comes to mind. Make a list of your favorite projects you've made in the past, your biggest, baddest projects you could dream up, or your favorite fabrics to use.

Use these tips to help you move out of your rut and get back to the sewing you love. Take on projects that feed your inner fire to create

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Do you feel inspired yet?! Cause we sure do! If you are missing any pieces in your collection that is holding you back from starting your new project, check out our website! We have a huge variety of sewing machines, sewing notions, craft supplies, and so much more. If you are having trouble purchasing something, please feel free to contact our customer service. If you were inspired by this post, take a photo of your project and tag us in it on Instagram!