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How to Take Your Ironing Skills to the Next Level

Pressing, ironing, and anything that involves taking out the ironing board can seem like a pain. However, you’ve probably heard the same, “it’s best for your sewing,” and it’s true. Anyone who spends time with a sewing machine could undoubtedly improve their craft if they strengthen their ironing skills. The trouble is that a lot of people don’t realize the tools and techniques they’re missing. 

Good ironing skills are more than just waving the iron smoothly over the fabric. It is not necessarily about applying too much pressure and more about using the right materials and strategies. Here are a handful of ways to improve your ironing skills to get better results with way less effort! 

What is a Wool Pad?

Your iron’s best friend should be a wool pad. Many don’t suggest wool pads because they are easily expensive, but they’re a worthy investment. However, GoldStar Tool provides you with prices that won’t make you break the bank. 

A wool pad is an ironing pad made entirely of wool, preferably wool felt. If it contains anything other than wool, it is not an actual ‘wool pad’ and won’t be as efficient. 

What can a wool pad do?

  • Eliminate the chances of scorching. 
    • 100% wool pads cannot scorch, and they are entirely fire-resistant. 
  • Produce flatter seams
    • Wool retains heat very well. Using a wool mat will administer heat to the fabric from the top and bottom, creating a flatter seam. 
  • Boost pressing efficiency
    • As the wool retains heat, you can press easily and spend less time on each corner or seam.
  • Reduce issues with fabric moving
    • Wool tends to ‘grab’ fabric but does not harm it. When ironing or pressing, it gently holds the material in place. 

What thickness do you need?

  • 1/2-inch thickness is the most common option
  • 1/8-inch thickness is suitable for those who will continue to use their ironing board. 
  • 1-inch thickness will ensure that heat cannot get through the bottom to damage the surface of the table you’re using. 

There are a few issues that people experience when they’re new to wool mats. Many recommend sticking to dry heat only. Steaming will warp the material and possibly the wool mat as well because of the heat retained. Additionally, it can damage the surface below the wool mat because the wool will absorb the moisture and the heat. Starch may also present issues because it can stick to the wool and cook or brown on the surface. Ultimately, the wool pad alone can dramatically change the outcome of your ironing or pressing. These are far more effective than alternative pressing pads.

Should You Press or Iron?

We cannot cover this topic enough because many experienced sewers still don’t address the differences between pressing and ironing. 

Pressing is to simply place the iron down against the fabric with some pressure. When working with a corner or seam, you should press. Ironing serves to smooth the fabric by gently moving the iron back and forth across the material. Experienced sewers or garment makers will iron their fabric before working with it to ensure that it is flat and smooth. 

Essential Tips to Boost Your Ironing Skills

These tips can hopefully help polish your ironing skills. While using a wool pad can have a dramatic impact, you can use these simple adjustments to your regular ironing too. 

First, ensure that you set your iron to the correct temperature. Check the fabric you’re using every time, and if you’re not sure about the right temperature, then look it up online to avoid any issues. 

Second, never iron on top of prints. Always use a handkerchief, hand towel, or another protective layer of fabric. 

Finally, clean your iron. We’ve all seen calcified and otherwise dirty ironing plates. Schedule a once a month or once every other month cleaning for your iron to keep it in top shape. 

With these tips and a wool pad, you can cut down the time you spend holding an iron and standing behind an ironing board. 

GoldStar Tool

Although we know that wool pads can get expensive, we keep our wool pads at a low price for our customers. Price also doesn’t determine quality. Get your high-quality, low-cost wool pad from GoldStar Tool today! If you have any questions about our products, please reach out to our customer service department.