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Top 5 Industrial Sewing Machines in 2020

By: GoldStar Tool

Looking for an industrial sewing machine but unsure which one to buy? Check out our list breaking down the key features and uses for the top five industrial sewing machines in the marketplace!

What is the Difference Between a Home and Industrial Sewing Machine?

By: GoldStarTool

Ever wondered about the differences between a home sewing and an industrial sewing machine? Check out our blog, here. 

How to Easily Clean and Oil Your Sewing Machine

By: GoldStarTool

Have you wondered how to perform the fabled maintenance that your sewing machine needs? Well, it does require maintenance, and it's rather easy to do yourself. Keep in mind that how often you need to clean your machine will depend on how often you sew, and the fabrics you typically use.

What to Look for in an Upholstery Sewing Machine

By: GoldStarTool

Unfortunately, most upholstery fabrics are difficult to handle and don’t work well with traditional or standard sewing machines. If you’re having issues with your fabric or sewing machine while working with upholstery, it’s time to upgrade to an upholstery sewing machine. The proper machine will take your projects or crafts from disaster to masterwork in no time.

Mass Production Sewing Techniques for Your Small Business

By: david h

If you’re running a growing business, production is key. Mass production sewing factories use only tried and true methods that result in a high-quality product for low production costs. Not to mention, they work with extreme efficiency! Here are some tips to streamline your own production practices on a smaller scale.

Do I Need an Industrial Sewing Machine?

By: david h

A question that comes up often on sewing blogs and in craft stores is whether you need an industrial sewing machine? The answer is pretty simple; if you're using your machine a lot, then you probably need an industrial sewing machine. Don't let intimidation get the better of you. Many newer industrial sewing machines come with many settings that are comfortable for beginners too.