Lost Your Sunglasses Case? Make Your Own Case!

Lost Your Sunglasses Case? Make Your Own Case!

Of course, sunglasses are an essential accessory when you’re shoreside, soaking up the summer sun. But they often prove useful for protecting your eyes year-round too!  

While keeping sunglasses handy is smart, it’s not always as easy to keep track of the case they originally come in. If you happen to have misplaced your sunglasses case, access to a sewing machine is all you need to create a new case of your own.

This DIY project is quick, simple, and ideal for beginner and advanced sewers alike. It gives new crafters a chance to put their sewing machine skills to the test while also offering up some stylish, fully customizable protective gear sunglasses.

What You’ll Need

Before you can get going on this project, you’ll need to gather a few important items. Be sure to have the following available:

  • Decorative outer fabric
  • Interior lining fabric
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Sunglasses

Once you’ve gathered your materials, you’re ready to get started.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Cut the main fabric into a 7.5-inch by 7-inch rectangle.
  2. Cut the same dimensions out of the lining fabric.
  3. Align the right edges of the fabric rectangles before sewing a straight line across the short edge to attach the two pieces.
  4. Open the pieces and then fold the fabric lengthwise, making sure the right sides are pressed together before you pin it in place.
  5. Mark a 3-inch opening in the long side of the lining.
  6. Stitch the layers together along the short edge. Don’t sew over the 3-inch marked opening.
  7. After trimming the corners, turn the case right side out through the lining opening. Press the fabric flat.
  8. Stitch a straight line over the opening to close it securely.
  9. Tuck the lining into the main fabric and make sure all ends and sides are even.
  10. Add a topstitch to the top of the case to secure the layers.
  11. Insert sunglasses to make sure the fit is just right!

Goldstar Tool

Keeping your eyes protected and your sunglasses scratch-free is a breeze with this DIY case. Mix and match fabrics so you can have multiple cases ready to go in your vehicle or home.

Be sure to share a picture of your results on the Goldstar Facebook or Instagram page! We would love to see what you’ve created. Contact us with questions about our products or to let us know what DIY tutorials you would love to see next.