Making It Easier With Industrial Shears

Making It Easier With Industrial Shears

Scissors are used to cut through many things, such as paper, boxes, cloth, and more. There are many different types and styles of scissors, but the most reliable ones to use are GoldStar Tool’s industrial shears. Industrial shears can cut through heavy materials such as leather, canvas, and even thicker pattern paper.

Types of Industrial Shears We Carry

Some of the favorite brands of shears that we carry are GoldStar Tool, Wiss, and Mundial. These three cutting shears are incredibly reliable and efficient in any line of work. Each offers an entirely different experience when used. When choosing scissors one has to take into consideration the material and type of cuts they will be making. Each scissor in our inventory works better when used with the correct material and style of cuts for its model. Because these options are not apparent here some examples of which shears are better for which material and cuts:

  1. Wiss Heavy Duty Industrial Shears: Coming in 9", 10" & 12": Wiss is an extremely reliable brand that we carry at GoldStar Tool, and these heavy-duty shears are perfect for carpeting, upholstery, and thicker fabrics. These shears are made from the finest cutlery steel and offer a much faster, cleaner, and more comfortable experience while you cut away. The handles of these scissors are black, and the blades are steel. With our options, you can choose any of the three sizes! You can click here for more details on our industrial shears, and purchase for just $25.00.
  2. Tailor Shears: Our GoldStar Tool branded tailor shears are a p0henomenal choice for cutting heavy duty material. They come in four different sizes to select from (8", 9", 10", 12"). Tailoring shears are great for individuals who cut through heavier fabrics, which include leather, canvas, or multiple layers. Although we manufacture these scissors for cutting heavy duty material, they also work great for thin materials too. The performance you will receive when cutting with these shears is of pure excellence. You can click here to shop tailor shears for just $14.99.
  3. Mundial Dressmaker Shears, Cushion Handles: When smooth, precise cutting is needed these shears are the choice of all savvy sewers. With these scissors, you are in control. The best part is that they have a very comfortable cushion handle that gives you non-slip support and excellent grip. For just $16.99, you can get your dressmaker shears here.

GoldStar Tool has all of the industrial shears you will need for your next project. Our selection of heavy duty and precise shears can cut through anything, including leathers, canvas, heavy pattern

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