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Need More Time to Sew? Here’s How to Make Time!

Finding time for any hobby is rough, but it's incredibly hard for sewing. When you sit down to sew, you usually want to know that you'll have enough time to make some decent progress on a project. It often seems like you can't grab ten or twenty minutes here and there and get anywhere. Most people are looking for a few more hours to sew, and that can seem impossible.

If you're having a hard time finding some time to yourself or some time to see, then consider some of these solutions. You have some time to sew even with all the busy ongoing of day-to-day life.

Prioritize How You Spend Your “Free Time”

Everyone has free time. It's just a matter of what you do with it. If we're honest, most of us spend hours of free time watching tv every week. We rewatch shows and turn it on for background noise. But what else could you be doing during that free time?

Some crafters have kids and feel uncomfortable working with sewing materials with the kids around them. It's reasonable—those sharp points and the attention that sewing demands can certainly cause more than a bit of worry. 

Whether you have kids or not, carefully look at how you spend your free time and if you can sew during that time. You can give up some TV time or cut into your end-of-the-day relaxing time. This decision can be rough to come to terms with, but it comes down to, "Would you rather watch four episodes of The Office again or create something of your own?"

Schedule Your Sewing Time

Make a date with yourself or another crafter. There are many tools to help you stay accountable during this time too. To start out, find an hour, or two, where you can actually sit down and sew. This might be at night during the weekend or in the early morning before the rest of the household wakes up. But, find that hour or two and schedule it. Don't be flexible; it's your time!!

Now, most people have a hard time sticking with their own decisions with things like this. We usually feel like we owe more obligations to external accountability than ourselves. Schedule time with another crafter and make a Zoom date or Skype together. That way, you can both chat while you work and see what each other are working on! 

Don’t have any crafting friends? Don’t worry! You can always try Focusmate, where you'll randomly get assigned to another person who needs help keeping themselves on track with their goals. Schedule a 50-minute session and quietly craft while the other person does whatever it is that they're trying to achieve. 

How Many Hobbies Do You Have?

It can be a struggle when you have so many interests to really give any of them the attention they deserve. If you're really struggling to find time to sew, then consider giving up another hobby. Do you spend your afternoons playing a musical instrument? Maybe you make a podcast or have a Youtube channel for sewing, which takes up a lot of time and effort.

Essentially, you might need to give something up to make time for sewing. You might have to give up the book club, Sunday brunch, hosting the knitting circle, or being the primary party planner in the family. Giving up something can be freeing, especially if you feel like it's an obligation and you'd rather be sewing instead.

Prepare to Sew Ahead of Time

Make it as easy as possible to grab your supplies and get working! If you find yourself with time around the house, add your craft room or craft corner to your regular cleaning schedule. You might want to invest in a tote, crate, or bin that can help you keep your current project separate from your fabric stash and other materials.

Finally, set up everything except things that present safety issues and leave one thing undone. When you're looking for more time to sew, you'll also want to make better use of the time that you do have to sew. Instead of spending your first ten minutes of sewing on getting your supplies and tools together, try to factor that part into your day. Maybe you can spare five or ten minutes to get your fabric, scissors, and pattern together in front of your sewing machine. That way, you don't be wasting precious sewing time on setting up your area.

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