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Paper Supplies: Using Pattern Paper

There are a lot of tools and supplies you will need in the world of fashion; Paper supplies are a simple and essential part of designing. Many individuals look for the right pattern paper for many different uses, and GoldStar Tool has all of the right paper and materials to get you started. Continue reading this blog post to find out about the many kinds of pattern paper we carry, and how they will help you.


Which Pattern Paper Is Right For Me?

Let's go over all of the pattern paper at GoldStar Tool:

Craft Paper: Also known as “Kraft” paper. The craft paper we carry is mainly used as an underlay for sewing projects. Craft paper is thick, which is why many use it for fabric and sewing projects they are attaining to. Brown craft paper weighs 40 pounds and comes in 800 ft. in length per roll, giving you a lot of paper to work with. A single roll should last you a long while, and you can use it for multiple sewing projects. Some pattern papers can roll around or move during a sewing project, but this craft paper is entirely sturdy. This will make it easier to stitch appropriately without any interruptions.

Tissue Paper: Tissue paper is known for being extremely lightweight and easy to hold or handle. Tissue paper has been used for many years and continues to be used to wrap gifts and for gift accessory decor. Another great reason to use tissue paper is to avoid the shifting of fabric that is layered. You can put each sheet of paper in between your many layers of material so that they hold still during sewing. If you were to sew multiple layers without it, they might slip out or move around, leaving your stitching to be uneven and crooked.

Dotted Pattern Paper: Dotted pattern paper is also known as “marking paper” or “dotted alphanumeric paper” to many people in the fashion world. In this paper, you will find small blue numbers or letters printed in a grid to assist you with exact measurements and cuts. This paper can help you cut right along with your fabric, as laid on top of the fabric spread. One downside of this paper is that the edges are not rigid, which would be too thin for an individual to use for making master pattern pieces.

Manila Pattern Paper: This paper is also known as “oak tag” or “ Granite tag.”  Ever held a manilla folder? These paper rolls are made of the same material as those yellow folders in your office or school. Manila paper provides a perfect performance when in use, as it cuts and folds very cleanly. The paper also has sharp and smooth edges, making it easier to work with.

Plotter Paper: This type of paper is an exclusive product that needs to be ordered in advance. Although it is harder to fold this type of paper compared to other ones GoldStar Tool carries, it is much thicker than tissue paper, which is excellent for temporary projects and small work. Another reason individuals use plotter paper is that it is translucent, making it very easy to trace for projects.  

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