Helpful Sewing Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Helpful Sewing Tips Every Beginner Should Know

If you’re new to the world of sewing, welcome! There are many ways to get creative, express yourself, and even improve your health when you pick up sewing as a hobby. However, using a sewing machine can feel overwhelming and intimidating if you’ve only sewed by hand before (or if you’ve never sewed at all!).

4 Top Tips for Sewing Machine Beginners

Everyone has to start somewhere, so there’s no shame in being a sewing machine beginner. Here are 5 useful tips for success when working with sewing machines — no matter how often you sew or what types of projects you want to make.

1. Follow Instructions Closely

It’s important to mention that the instructions for your sewing machine projects should be followed as closely as possible. Not only will this help to ensure that your item comes out exactly how you want it, but it will also protect you from sewing machine-related injuries and prevent any damage to your sewing machine.

2. Measure Twice Before Cutting

In nearly every sewing machine project, you will need to measure out pieces of fabric to make sure they’re the right size if you want the end result to be successful.

Though it may seem tedious, the most advanced sewers know that you should always measure your fabric twice before you alter it with scissors. That second measure could be the difference between a successful project and a failed one!

3. Never Force Fabric into Your Sewing Machine

No matter what type of sewing machine you use, the fabric that you feed into it should never have to be forced or pushed in order for the machine to stitch properly. If the fabric isn’t moving smoothly under your needle, your machine may have the wrong needle or thread for the fabric you’re using.

Forcing the material will only cause uneven stitching or damage to your machine, so it’s important to pause and make sure all of the sewing machine parts are correct and in proper working order.

4. Always Lock Your Stitches

Locking your stitches means adding a reverse stitch at the beginning and the end of every seam you make. This ensures that your stitches stay in place and don’t unravel after you snip the thread. Getting into the right habits early on will help all of your future sewing projects to be successful.

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