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Simple Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Even within communities that don't traditionally take part in the stocking tradition, they're making a comeback! That's right; it's stocking season, so get ready to stuff a brand-new, crafted-by-you, festive sock with all sorts of goodies. 

This project is fun and remarkably fast. It's excellent for beginners, and you'll probably spend more time deciding between the outstanding fabric options than you would on the actual cutting or sewing. Get lost in Joann’s, Michael’s, or your favorite local fabric store and find some festive patterns that you maybe can't or shouldn't live through the holidays without. 


Picking the materials is always fun, but this list is very straight forward. Even if you're new to sewing, you'll find that you probably have all the materials besides fabric on hand already. 

You’ll need:

  • 2 exterior pieces (fat quarters are excellent for this project, otherwise get 1/4-yard cuts for each piece) 
  • 2 lining pieces (cotton is okay)
  • 2 Cuff pieces (1/2 a fat quarter for each cuff) 
  • 1 – 6” bit of ribbon
  • Optional letter applique 

Step One: Always Iron

As always, iron out your fabrics first. Your cuffs will need to be ironed in half. If you're looking to put an applique on the cuff, this would also be the time to do that. Put your applique on the top half of the ironed cuff. It will look a bit backward or not quite right, but go with it. Your sewing machines may be at the ready, but taking a minute and ironing will result in a much better end-product. 

Step Two: Line It Up

You'll need to align your cuff, your exterior piece, and the lining. Since you're working with cotton, you can easily cut your lining and outside pieces together then pin them right into place. The cuff will fit together with the right sides facing together. 

You will want to pin your fabrics together. The sandwich should be something like outside fabric, right side up, cuff right side facing the right side of the outer fabric, and then the lining with the right side facing into the cuff. 

Finally, sew the fabrics together across the cuff seams, not along the outside. 

Step Three: Repeat 

Repeat for the other side of the stocking with the blank cuff on that one for the backside. 

Step Four: Sew Everything Together 

When you are ready to lay everything together, take your strip or ribbon and fold it in half. Put the “heel” of the loop where the two cuffs overlap. Your stocking should have right sides together, with the two linings facing each other, the two cuffs facing each other, and the two outsides facing each other.

After you have all the layers pinned together, you'll need to sew all the way through but leave a few inches open at the bottom of the lining.  A 3/8-inch seam allowance here is reasonable, and it's usually best to start at the cuff. 

Step Five: Turn, Clip, and Hang 

After sewing through everything, you’ll need to clip through any curved areas so that they lie flat. 

Then, use the small hole in the lining to turn the material, and you'll see the magic of unfolding a stocking! Finally, hang your stocking with care and wait for the holiday to arrive! 

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