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Throw Blanket Tutorial

When the especially warm winter seemed too good to be true, we should have all taken it as a sign. Now we’ve seen wave after wave of severe cold storms, which means that it’s throw blanket season. Even with spring on the horizon, you can’t have too many throw blankets around. Keep on one the couch, one slumped over the edge of the bed, and one in each of the kid’s rooms for easy access! 

These are comfy and don’t take too long either. This tutorial will walk you through a very traditional take on a throw blanket that focuses on warmth with cozy flannels. On the other hand, now that we’re getting into what should be spring, most fabric stores have great sales on flannels! 

What You’ll Need:

  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • 4.5 yards of fabric (2.25 yards in each fabric - using two different flannels will give you a reversible blanket) 
  • Pins or clips

Optional materials:

  • Craft paint
  • Fabric paint medium
  • Painter’s tape
  • Measuring tape

Easy Steps:

  1. Set your two pieces of 2.25 yards of flannel right sides together
  2. Pin/clip all around the edge - Flannel likes to move, so use tons of pins!
  3. Sew all the way around with a wide seam allowance, and leave about half of one side open for turning.

For those new to sewing, it’s often best to start near the middle of one side, rather than a corner, so that way you can leave half a side open without stopping on a corner. 

  1. Trim the edges, leaving about 1/2-inch to 1/4-inch of extra fabric. Flannel likes to fray, so it’s best to give it some edging. 
  2. Invert the open area and pin it to match the rest of the blanket. 
  3. Add a top stitch all the way around the edge. 

For extra fancy visual appeal:

  1. Mix 2 parts of craft paint with 1 part fabric paint medium. 
  2. Use 3 pieces of painter’s tape, placed at reasonable distances, to make 2 stripes. 
  3. Dab the paint mixture onto the open stripe areas and let it dry. 
  4. After the paint is dry, remove the tape. 

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Blankets are an easy DIY gift. They’re a fun way to get the family together and make a project. If you used our tutorial, tag us in it on Instagram! We love to see what our customers create. If you have any questions about anything on our website, please feel free to contact us