Top Sewing Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Clothes

Top Sewing Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Clothes

Taking on a new DIY sewing machine project is a lot of fun, especially when the result will be a clothing item that you can show off to the world. However, though you may be proud to have made your new piece of clothing yourself, you don’t necessarily want the clothing item to look homemade if you’re doing it right.

Following a pattern can make DIY sewing machine crafts much easier, but they’re not foolproof. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid while following a pattern that could significantly lower the quality of your project.

Cutting Fabric Unevenly

You might think you can just eyeball your fabric pieces, but you’ll more than likely end up with uneven lengths that will lead to a lopsided clothing piece. Follow your pattern to a tee by lining up your pattern’s grainline perfectly with the fabric’s selvage before any scissors are used.

Using Unsuitable Fabric Types for Your Project

Even the most easy-to-follow sewing pattern could turn into a disaster if you don’t use the right kind of fabric. Choosing your own fabric is part of the fun of a DIY sewing machine project. However, it’s important to make sure that you use a type of material that won’t pucker or come apart at the seams during the sewing process.

Forgetting Interfacing or Using the Wrong Kind

Finding the right type of interfacing for your project can be a hassle, but if you choose the wrong kind or skip this step altogether, you won’t get to enjoy that neatly finished look that interfacing can provide. Additionally, interfacing is also important for providing crucial structural support.

Leaving Unraveling or Unfinished Seams

Make sure that your project looks just as completed on the inside as the outside. If you leave seams unfinished on the inside of your garment, they’re going to come apart sooner or later, not to mention the pesky loose strings bothering your skin.

Not Following Your Pattern Markings

It may be tempting to skip over some of the markings on your pattern for the sake of time and effort, but you’ll notice these shortcuts in your finished product. If you have to go back after the fact to fix things later, the markings won’t be nearly as accurate as they would have been.

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