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​Who Makes the Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Are you working with thick fabric sandwiches? Maybe you frequently use denim, leather, and heavy-duty upholstery fabrics. Or, perhaps, you use your machine to make a living and build an income for your household. Well then, you might need a heavy duty sewing machine. You might as well have the best. 

Sewing machines can be finicky pieces of equipment, so don’t hesitate to be picky. You want to ensure that you have a machine that can tackle any project you might want to accomplish. We've compiled some of the top contending manufacturers on the market.

Top Contenders

The trouble that leads people to collect so many sewing machines is that they aren't satisfied, so they go out and buy another. You can stop that cycle in your house by looking at what the best has to offer and the downsides of each machine before you buy it.

Juki Sewing Machines

Juki is the maker of many industrial machine workhorses. Juki owners often rush to their defense, because although they may be slim on features, they are packed with power. They're sturdy, often automated, and speed. If you’re a beginner, you might go to Juki first because of their simplicity.

These Juki industrial machines are known to be workhorses:

●  Juki DDL-5550N High-Speed Single Needle Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine

●  Juki DDL-8700 Single Needle Drop Feed Automatic Industrial Sewing Machine

●  Juki DDL-9000c-FMS Semi-Dry Head Direct-Drive Single Needle Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine 

Singer Sewing Machines 

Singers can be somewhat inexpensive when compared to other high-end industrial machines. The range in price covers what features are available, but they’ve long been known as one of the top names in industrial machines.

If you’re looking at Singers consider:

●  Singer 5523 Scholastic Heavy Duty

●  Singer 20U83 Zig-Zag Industrial Sewing Machine

New Tech Sewing Machines 

Without a doubt, New Tech is grabbing attention for their heavy-duty use machines. These machines can handle thick fabrics and almost endless demand, but they often have features that other industrial machines lack. 

If you’re looking at New Tech machines, look at:

●  New Tech HA 4411

●  New Tech 1404-PMD 4-Needle Flatbed Double Chain Stitch Industrial Sewing Machine

●  New Tech GS 0303-D4 Computerized Single Needle Lockstitch Industrial Sewing Machine

Sewing Machines That Impressed Us 

New Tech HA 411 

New on the scene, the New Tech HA 411 can handle the big projects that people often resort to specialized crafters to handle. Saddles, luggage, heavy-duty leather, and thick projects are no trouble for this machine. Its powerful feeding system allows it to stitch through the most robust fabrics without damage or putting wear on the material.

What sets this machine apart is the powerful feeding system, pressure foot lift, and the longer stitch length. The pressure foot lift is much higher than the standard height making it easier to work with bulky material or multiple layers of fabric. At the same time, the longer stitch allows for more precise piercing and a higher-quality final product. 

Singer 5523 Scholastic

The Singer 5523 Scholastic is a heavy-duty machine with a good range of features, including 23-different stitches, with 12 of those being decorative. It runs at about 1,100 stitches per minute and can easily tackle heavy-duty fabrics. 

Juki DDL-8700

We love this machine because it has a low-noise and low-vibration feature that makes it comfortable to operate for a long duration. The Juki DDL-8700 has 5,000 stitches per minute ability and is extremely reliable.

When Would You Need a Heavy Duty Sewing Machine?

If you're regularly working with denim, jeans, leather, and upholstery fabrics, you should get a heavy-duty machine. Working with these thick fabrics on standard machines can wear them down quickly and put undue strain on your machine. 

A heavy-duty machine should still make buttonholes, finishing stitches, and even give a more professional seam finish to your projects. If you're using your sewing machine for multiple hours a day, consider investing in a heavy-duty machine. These machines can often handle a wide array of taxing tasks that standard machines just can't make it through.

If you have any questions about any of these machines or any machines that are on our website, feel free to reach out to our customer service team.