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Why You Should Replace Your Sewing Machine

It's not just hard to recognize when you need a new sewing machine, but it's often hard to part with a trusty sewing companion. The result is that many stores keep the same machine around for decades and may even build a collection around it. It's not uncommon for Crafters to have one or more retired sewing machines. Then you have inherited sewing machines. Those are even more difficult to replace and often priceless in terms of emotional value.

There are a few important reasons why you should replace your sewing machine and good ideas on what to do with the machine after you’ve found a new one. 

Frequently Paying for Repairs 

People form attachments to sewing machines the same way they form attachments to cars. Frequently paying for repairs is a good cause to replace either of these items. If you are making repairs on your machine every couple of weeks or months, then it is time to lay the machine to rest.

For many people, the issue here is the emotional attachment and that one more repair will help it hold on for another couple of months. Sewing machine repairs are often expensive and can put your machine out of commission for days or weeks at a time while it undergoes maintenance. Frequently spending money to keep your machine in good shape or realize that you're losing access to your sewing machine for a week or more than it is time to upgrade.

This cause is particularly important for those who sew for a living. If you have a small shop, retail operation, or online site that depends on your sewing machine, then you need to have a reliable machine, and it's time to buy a new one.

Ruining Projects

It doesn't matter if you're making a baby quilt for someone in your family, repairing a set of jeans, or working on an order for your business. If your sewing machine is ruining projects, then it's time to consider your options. Now, if a sewing machine ruins one project, it might be time for a repair rather than a replacement. If the same machine is ruining project after project, then it is likely beyond repair.

There are many ways that a sewing machine can ruin a project outright. The most common causes a focus on material damage through oil leaks or pulling apart material. These issues are often irreversible, meaning the entire project or at least that piece is not salvageable. 

It’s Just Time for an Upgrade

Almost every sewing circle has that one person who brags that their Singer is older than their grandmother. While some people do take pride in old and reliable sewing machines, the fact is that many newer sewing machines simply outperform these old models. 

You don’t need the newest option on the market, but Pegasus, Juki, Consew, Singer, and New-Tech all have speeds well above 1,700 stitches per minute. Additionally, an upgrade can mean a better motor. Anything with a Servo Motor will offer a dramatic change in the entire sewing experience. People with older machines often don’t realize the value of having a machine that doesn’t shake or isn’t extraordinarily loud. 

What to Do with Retired Machines

A common struggle that leads to people holding onto old or broken sewing machines is that they're not easy to throw out. Mountain most counties, you can throw a sewing machine into your trash bin and call it a day. However, if you're worried about the waste or concerned that you're throwing out a machine that does work, there are other options.

If your machine is still operable and in good condition, you can donate it. The Sewing Machine Project helps people find sewing machine donation areas nearby. If The Sewing Machine Project doesn't have a location near you, it is possible to donate to a local shop, such as a sewing and vacuum shop. 

If you don't want to donate it to a shop or a charity organization, consider handing it down to someone in the family. Often older machines are more comfortable to learn on because they have fewer features and less power. Then some people hold onto their retired machines for personal value.  There are many ways to handle retired machines. But ultimately, an old machine should not stop you from getting a new machine if it's impairing your projects, setting back your work, or has become a financial drain regarding repairs. 

GoldStar Tool

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