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Your Complete Guide to Singer Sewing Machines

Singer has been a trusted brand of sewing machines since the 1850s and is still a popular name among those who sew. Though Singer started with industrial sewing machines, the company also has many sewing machines for personal use. Even now, Singer is still revolutionizing the industry. 

Singer has a variety of sewing machines specialized for different applications. This article briefly overviews Singer sewing machines to give you an idea of options.

Three of the most popular categories of Singer sewing machines are: 

  • Mechanical 
  • Quilting 
  • Computerized 

Whatever your project and sewing machine preferences, Singer has a sewing machine for you.

Mechanical Singer Sewing Machines 

Some people prefer an old-fashioned, mechanical Singer sewing machine. Many cherish the quality craftsmanship of Singer’s mechanical sewing machines. The manual controls for these machines last over time. 

The Singer mechanical sewing machines have manual settings for basic home sewing projects, such as alterations, seam repair, and hemming. They also have buttonhole options, quick threading guides, and an easy stitch selection. 

Singer Sewing Machines for Quilting 

There’s no question quilts are beautiful. Some are quite intricate with complex designs and rainbow colors. Today’s Singer quilting machines can facilitate your quilting projects, no matter how simple or intricate. 

Singer’s sewing machines for quilting have many extras, such as: 

  • Lowerable feed teeth
  • LCD screens
  • Stitch sequencing memory 
  • Fast Drop and Sew bobbins 
  • And more

This Singer sewing machine can be your new best work tool if you are a passionate and avid quilter. 

Computerized Singer Sewing Machines 

Sewing machines have come a long way since the 1850s, when no one could have conceived of such a thing as a computer. If you love sewing and create many projects, a computerized Singer sewing machine can be just the thing you need to keep up with your stitching ideas.

The computerized Singer sewing machines have various automated options to control speed, stitch settings, and more. They also feature:

  • Programmable needles 
  • Built-in thread cutters
  • Different buttonhole styles 
  • LCD screens
  • Built-in fonts 
  • A variety of stitch applications

With these convenient and varied options, there will be no stopping you when you take up a sewing project! 

Ready for a Singer Sewing Machine?

Maybe you already have a Singer sewing machine and are looking to upgrade or pick up a specialty model, or you’re looking for your first sewing machine. Whatever your sewing needs are, contact GoldStar Tool today